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Study guide unit 2

Which of the following is NOT one of the actions by England that angered the colonist after the French and Indian war? A. They gave a portion of the colonists' land to the French. B. They gave placed more troops in the colonies C. they imposed new tax They gave a portion of the colonists' land to France.
What is the name for colonial militia groups that could quickly assemble to fight? A. Sons of Liberty B. Mercenaries C. Mintemen D. Committees of Correspondence Minutemen
___________ wanted to remain a pert of England __________ supported independence, and _________ tried to stay un-involved -loyalists, neutrals, patriots -patriots loyalists, neutrals -patriots neutrals, loyalists -loyalists patriots nuetrals loyalists patriots neutrals
Which of the following statements is NOT one of the ideas behind the Declaration of Independence? -Government’s powers are limited to those the people have consented to give it. -Men are created equal and with freedom. -People’s natural rights include once the people have agreed to inform the government, they should not try to overthrow it.
what was significant about Valley Forge? the american troops were able to rest and train here.
In the French and Indian War, England and France Were battling over land: to the west of the Appalachian mountains in Canada
Which of the following meeting was very important because it was the first time all 13 colonies acted together? -Stamp Act Congress -Second Continental Congress -Albany Meeting -First Continental Congress Second Continental Congress
In what state did the first battle of the Revolutionary War occur? Massachusets
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about military factors that helped the Americans beat the British in Revolutionary War? - American troops were better equipped and trained than the British troops -The Continental Army had very strong leade
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