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Ancient Egypt

History Cards 6-8

What was the capital of Ancient Egypt? Memphis
What is the longest river in the world? Nile River
What was used to dry out a body for the mummification process? Natron
What Pharaoh unified upper and lower Egypt? Menes
What was the name of the largest pyramid? Pyramid at Giza
Where is the final resting place for a Pharaoh and his queen called? Pyramid
Which Pharaoh had the step pyramid built? Zoser
Which Pharaoh was buried in the Great Pyramid at Giza? Khufu
What two letters represent Anno Domini and means "In the year of our Lord." A.D.
What word means VERY OLD? Ancient
What is the black fertile soil called that was left after the Nile flooded? Silt
The Double Crown had what two colors? Red and White
What is the name for a King in Ancient Egypt? Pharaoh
When a person has a job or a skill, that ability is called a what? trade
In Ancient Egypt, a family that rules for many years is called what? dynasty
What two letters on a time line shows time before the birth of Christ? B.C.
The Egyptians wrote in an ancient system of writing called what? Hieroglyphs
How many days does it take to complete a mummy? 70
What did the people do with the brain when making a mummy? Throw it away
The Egyptians would use linen to wrap a body into a what? mummy
What were tucked into the wrappings while making a mummy? amulets
The Ancient Egyptians mummified their bodies because they wanted to go to where? afterlife
The pyramid was called a what? tomb
The priests put organs into special jars called what? canopic jars
The large figure that has a head of a Pharaoh and body of a lion is called what? Sphinx
Pyramids had to be built with stones in order, if a stone was brought out of order it was called what? rejected
The top stone on the pyramid is called what? cornerstone
The Red Crown was for what part of Egypt? Lower
The White Crown was for what part of Egypt? Upper
What direction does the Nile river flow? North
What son of Noah's did the Egyptians come from? Ham
What did the priests use to remove the brain? metal hook
What did the priests use to cut the side of the body for mummification? obsidian knife
The Ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods, this is called what? polytheism
Created by: WFoster2
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