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LH Test Unit: 4

How did France come to control Louisiana again? Spain secretly gave it back because they were scared
What are the main accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson? bought Louisiana territory, wrote the declaration, was third president
Give examples to how America added territory. Adams onis Treaty, Lewis and Clark expedition, annexed Florida, and Louisiana purchase
Which ways did Sacajawea help Lewis and Clark? Guided them, translated, kept them safe
What are some ways slavery changed under Spain? Slavery increased rapidly, American Indians were freed from slavery, slaves were allowed to buy their freedom, and slave trade encouraged
Code Noir had what effect on slavery? Stopped revolts and rebellions
What were the main reasons for the Code Noir? How would you define it? Established slave holder laws, controlled behavior of slaves, punished slaves
What types of roles did free people of color have in Louisiana? Shop owners, artisans, business people, slave holders
Why did Spain promote immigration to Louisiana? To enrich and grow the colony, and to make some more money
Spain would slow down immigration-why? they weren't catholic, 2 big fires blamed by overcrowding
Would the Louisiana economy continue to grow after the American Revolution? In what ways will it grow? Yes, because of more trade
Why did Spain help the Americans in the revolution? How did it change from the start to end of the war? Wanted Florida back. Started secretly, then full war
How did Gálvez contribute to the American revolution? Took British forts, captured territory, had diverse army
What event is connected the Gálvez at the siege of pensacola? sailed over a sand bar
Which groups of settlers came after the American Revolution? British (originally from Britain) but technically are Americans, British , Isleño, Malagueño, Acadians
What was the gola of Pinckney's Treaty? allowed Americans to us MS river for Trade.
What were the goals of Louis and Clark?
Define Creole. People that were born in LA from another ancestry
what did Spain want form immigrants? Loyalty, spread Catholicism, expand agriculture and business
How did the American Revolution end? British general Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington.
Describe the congo Square. Were African American would go to celebrate their culture.
From the mid to late 1700s which country controlled Louisiana? Spain
Why did Napoleon think Louisiana was important? Trade with people on St. Domingue sugar empire.
which two people were sent by Jefferson to Buy Louisiana? Livingston and Monroe
What was the difference between manumission and coartación? coartación - slaves buy freedom manumission-slaves were set free by masters
Where did most slaves come from by 1720? West Africa
Did the French revolution impact slavery in Louisiana? And how? will impact them; entices slave revolts
Norbert Rillieux-what was he and what did he invent? free person of color; inventor of the process of granulated sugar.
What made Louisiana a good place to move after the American Revolution? Land, trade, and river access
What was a conditional agreement? settlers agrees to farm in oder to live on government land
How did rights change after the American Revolution in Louisiana? Most africans stayed slaves and American Indians could not vote
What was the Pointe Coupee Conspiracy of 1795? A plot where slaves were going to kill their masters, 23 killed
What was the impact of the slave trade ban in the US in 1808 ? Slave trade continues throughout the country
Created by: kalynnlee
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