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History of the World

Chapter 1 -The Beginning

Why do we begin our study of world history with the book of Genesis? It is the most reliable source for what we need to know.
Why is man special to God? He alone was created in the image of God.
List three special characteristics of man. language and thought, awareness of the difference between right and wrong, and freedom to make choices
What was the first human sin? Rebellion against God when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit.
What is a culture? the way of life of a group of people.
What is the most important part of a culture? how people relate to God.
Which culture tends to be stronger in world history? Cain's
Why did God send the Flood? The earth was so filled with evil that God in His justice could no longer tolerate it.
How much did man learn from the Flood? not much, if anything
What are two names for the place where the survivors of the Flood settled? Shinar, Sumer
What event resulted in the confusion of people into many nations? Under Nimrod's leadership, the people began to build the city of Babel. God stopped the project by causing the people to speak different languages.
What is a nation? a large group of people who think of themselves as one and act in history as a unit.
Noah one descendant of Seth that found favor with God; obeyed God and built an ark to protect itself and his family from the Flood
Adam first man in the world
Eve the first woman; her name means "mother of all"
Cain the first murderer; God doomed him to live as a wanderer because of his sin
Seth a son of Adam and Eve whose descendants were at least aware of their sins
Lamech a descendant of Cain; he bragged about the murders he had committed
Nimrod a mighty hunter who encouraged the people to build the tower of Babel
Shem, Ham, and Japheth Sons of Noah, who repopulated the world after the Flood
Shinar the plain where Noah's family and his descendants settled
Babel the city in Shinar where the tower was built
Capital punishment the death penalty
Genesis means "beginning" or "origin"
humanism putting man in place of or above God
evolution the idea that man was not created directly by God but instead evolved from the animals
What impact did it sin have on world history? Paradise was lost. It brought painful childbirth, toil in the production of food, and death.
Created by: arisehaiti