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Legislative Branch

Caucus a meeting of party members who select the candidates to run for election
Whips the representatives of each party whose duty is to encourage fellow party members to vote as the party leadership wants
Standing Committee permanent group in the House that address the major areas in which most proposed laws fall
Select Committee temporary group in the House that formed to carry out specific tasks that are not already covered by existing committees
Joint Committee special group formed from members of the House and Senate to address broad issues that affect both chambers
Filibuster the tactic used when opponents of a measure seek to prevent it coming up for a vote in the Senate; talk a bill to death
Cloture the vote to end debate of a bill in the Senate; need sixty votes
Gerrymandering the drawing of district boundaries for political advantage
Reapportionment the redistribution of seats in the house among the states based on the results of the census
Seniority Rule the tradition in the Senate in which the chair of a committee is given to the most senior majority Senator on the committee
Constituents people of a particular geographic area who are represented by a lawmaking body
Appropriation congressional act or bill that sets aside funds for a specific purpose
Impeachment process of charging officials in the executive and judicial branches with wrongdoing and bringing them to trial
Oversight power of Congress to check up on the executive branch and make sure it's following the laws Congress passed
Deficit condition in which government revenues are lower than expenses
Surplus condition in which government revenues are higher than expenses
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