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Unit 2, Part 2

Tubman Escaped on the Underground Railroad, returned to free her family, made 19 trips back to help others: "Harriet ______"
Garrison Advocated an end to slavery through the newspaper, the Liberator: "William Lloyd _________"
Stowe Writing Uncle Tom's Cabin in order to turn people against slavery: "Harriet Beecher ________"
Douglass An self-educated escaped slave who spoke out against slavery: "Frederick ________"
Dorthea Dix Sought to reform prisons
Abolition The movement to end slavery
Temperence The movement to stop alcohol use
Underground Railroad A network of people that would help slaves escape to freedom
Great awakening Religious movement that sought to reform American life: Live well. Work hard. "2nd _______ ________"
Mann Reformer who advocated for public schools, textbooks, and teacher training: "Horace ______"
Truth South to expand women's rights: "Soujourner _______"
Spoils President Andrew rewarded supporters with government job, called the "______" System
Cotton The American System required which crop in the South
Nullification Belief that states could judge a federal law unconstitutional and not follow it
Unconstitutional Word that means an action goes against the constitution
Removal Law to remove tribes east of the Mississippi River. Indians must trade their lands for new lands in the West. The Cherokees refused to do so and appealed their case to the Supreme Court. John Marshall ruled in their favor. "Indian _________ Act"
Trail of Tears In 1837, federal troops were called to escort 16,000 Cherokees along an 800-mile journey to their new home. The journey happened in the late fall and winter. One-fourth of them died from exposure, starvation, and disease.
Tariff Tax on imported goods
Andrew Jackson President who opposed the National Bank, thinking it only supported the elite and not the Common Man: "Andrew _______"
Women The Seneca Falls Convention sought to grant better pay, equal legal rights, and suffrage to which group?
Oklahoma This present day state, thought to be undesirable for settlement, was the relocation destination of many Native Americans
California Miners called 49ers flocked to which state in 1849
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