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World History ETA

Nomadic Move place to place
Homo habilis "Handy man", first humans to use a stone tool
Homo erutus "Upright human", first hominid to control fire ; migrated out of Africa due to climate changes of the Ice Age period.
Neolithic Revolution Major turning point by changing the way humans lived, more interaction amongst human communities, people focused on act'v outside of food prod.
Reason for the rise of civilization Organized gov't, complex religion, social classes, writing
Pharaoh Egyptian god-kings
Rameses the II (1250 B.C) considered longest reigning pharaoh, won fame for military victories
Ka Soul
Menes United upper and lower Egypt to create a single kingdom
Greece geography Mountains and sea coats
Plato Wrote the Republic to explain his vision for society
Athens Birthplace of democracy, promoted citizens to actively participate in gov't
Iliad and the Odyssey Greek epic poetry written by Homer , describes the events in the Trojan War
Direct democracy A system of gov't in which all citizens vote on policies
Legalism A political philosophy explaining that the powerful and efficient gov't was key to maintaining order under the Qin dynasty.
Silk road Trade route between the Roman Empire and China that ran through India.
Zhou Dynasty Claimed it ruled China because it had the Mandate of Heaven.
Confucianism Gov't should be ran by all men(had to take a test); a way of life based on gov't and family, centered around worldly goals.
Scholar-gentry Became the economic and political elite of Chinese society.
Old Kingdom Ruled through dynasties, that passed along the rigger to rule
Middle Kingdom A turbulent period in Egyptian period.
New Kingdom Ambitious pharaoh created a large empire within Egypt.
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