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8th SS - Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A Changing Nation

charter a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company
dumping selling goods in another country below market prices
infrastructure system of roads, bridges, and canals
capitalism the economic system in which privately owned businesses compete in a free market
interstate commerce trade between two or more states
cede give up
self-goverment right of people to rule themselves independently
suffrage the right to vote
caucus a meeting of members of a political party
nominating conventions large meetings of party delegates to choose candidates for office
spoils system the practice of rewarding government jobs to loyal supporters of the party that wins an election
Sequoyah Cherokee leader who created a written language for the Native American people
Trail of Tears the route that the Cherokee Nation had to walk from their land to the "Indian Territory" assigned to them
nullification an action by a state that cancels a federal law to which the state objects
Panic of 1837 economic collapse in the United States due to the fall of cotton prices, banks could not collect loans, and so banks went bankrupt
Monroe Doctrine document that states that the U.S. warned European nations against reestablishing colonies in Latin America
Created by: MissMisiak