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FMS Perfect Union

U.S. History

Who sent James Madison the package of books? Thomas Jefferson
What is in a crisis? America
What are the men fighting over? Tariffs
What does James Madison want to regulate? Trade
Who threatens America’s borders? Spain & Britain
Who is the American ambassador in London? John Adams
What does ‘Cui Bono’ mean? Who benefits
Who must attend the convention? General George Washington
In which state was there a full scale rebellion? Massachusetts
Where will the convention be held? Philadelphia/Independence Hall
Who will suffer if the convention fails? All mankind
Who is the governor of Virginia? Edmund Randolph
What does Madison’s Plan abolish? Articles of the Confederation
How many branches will be in Madison’s government? 3
How many houses will be in Congress? 2
According to Madison how should states represented? Population
According to Madison who should enforce the laws? Executive Branch
Who is the President of the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
Why did the convention adopt the policy of secrecy? Freely speak
What will the Virginia Plan do to the Articles of Confederation? Abolish
Who was behind the Virginia Plan? James Madison
Which states would have more representation? Large States
Which states disagree with the Virginia Plan? Small States
Which delegate keeps notes on the convention? James Madison
When will the importation of slaves cease? 1808/20 Years
Who offered a compromise for the large and small states? Roger Sherman
Which part of the house would be voted by population? Lower
Which part of the house will have equal representation? Higher
Who put forth the New Jersey Plan? William Patterson
What is Madison the architect of? Virginia Plan
What will insure the success of the Constitution? Consensus/Harmony
Who governs in the affairs of men? God
Who is the foundation of our liberty? American People
How many Senators will each state have under this compromise? 2 Senators
What is the first line of the Constitution? We the people...
Which delegate of Virginia would not vote for the Constitution? Why? George Mason---No Bill of Rights
On which day was the Constitution voted upon? September 17, 1787
What is the most important document ever written? The U.S. Constitution
Who is known as the Father of the Constitution? Mr. James Madison
Who became the first President of the United States? George Washington
Created by: Stoll FMS