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history test

book study guide

english raider of spanish ships francis drake
sir walter raleighs settlement roanoke
settlement named after the king jamestown
husband of pocahontus john rolfe
what cleared the way for england to start colonies in north america defeat of the spanish armada
which is an example of a joint-stock company the virginia compnay
the jamestown colonists called the winter of 1609-1610 the starving time
which crop saved jamestown indigo
the first african american born in america was william tucker
squanto a pawtuxet
to treat harshly persecute
to disagree with dissent
mayflowers passengers pilgrims
metacomet king phillip
protestants who wanted to reform the anglican church were called puritans
the mayflower compact was written by the plymouth colonists as a law and order contract
the pilgrims survived in plymouth because of the help of squanto and samoset
the first written constitution in america was the fundamental orders of connecticut
where was the first place in america where religious tolerance was practiced rhode island
charles ll brother the duke of york
colony of new netherland new amsterdam
wealthy landowners patroons
society of friends quakers
city of brotherly love philadelpia
which of the following was once a dutch colony new york
which of the following was named after an island in the english channel new jersey
americas first town planner was william penn
which document granted the pennsylvania colonists the right to elect representatives to the legislative assembly charter of liberties
the southernmost part of pennsylvania was once called three lower counties
means charles land charleston
plan of government constistution
led a rebellion nathaniel bacon
a french fur trader and explorer louis joliet
religious settlements missions
which colony was established as a safe place for catholics georgia
carolinas blue gold was indigo
which colony did britain originally settle as a military barrier georgia
quebec was founded by the french
the franciscan monk who worked for the rights of native americans was junipero serra
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