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What was the Head-right system? Each white male counted as a "head" of a family had the "right" to receive up to 1,000 acres of land .
What was the Yazoo Land Fraud? The sale of western land to 4 land companies after the governor and members of the General Assembly had been bribed.
What are the 3 parts of the Declaration of Independence? the Preamble, Grievances, and Declaration
What is the Bill of Rights? The First 10 amendments .
Who was George Washington? our first president. General who led the French and Indian war.
What happened during the Boston Massacre? Colonists threw snowballs with rocks inside to the soldiers. Soldiers retaliate and start shooting. Paul Revere made a propaganda but only showed the British shooting innocent colonists.
What is the Stamp Act? Tax on stamps and printed items.
What is the largest region in Georgia? Coastal Plain
How do you identify the Blue Ridge region? Brass town Bald
What ended the American Revolutionary War? Treaty of Paris of 1783
Who was King George 3? Ruled during the revolution and controlled the colonies.
Name 2 inventions made by Benjamin Franklin Franklin stove, lightning rod, bifocal glasses, modern printing press, Daylight savings time, first free public library
What is the significance of the University of Georgia? first public land grant university in Georgia
Name 2 acts in the Intolerable Acts Quartering act, closed ports for people to pay for their crime, cannot have meetings
What caused the French and Indian War land
what sparked the start of American Freedom? French and Indian war
What roles did the blacks play in the Revolution? They fought for their freedom of being a slave.
What was the Battle of Yorktown? It was the last fight of the war. Britain lost.
Who was Nancy Hart? Killed soldiers who invaded her house. Only woman to have a county named after.
What is a middleman? a person who buys goods from producers and sells them to retailers or consumers.
Ridge and valley is significant by its.....? Its valley and mountains.
What is the Coastal Region? The largest region in Georgia. Rich soil.Country.
What part of Georgia contains the Appalachian mountains? Appalachian Plateau
Whats the preamble? The beginning of the Declaration of Independence
What were some grievances were in the Declaration of Independence? King don't listen, Abdicated government, Declare they don't protect the colonies anymore, doesn't give privileges.
How is a royal colony ran? The king.
What role does the the Articles of Confederation play? First US constitution
Who was an ally of the Patriots? France
Why was the Battle of Kettle Creek important to Georgia? It was the first patriot winning in Georgia
What are/were the capitals go Georgia? Savannah. Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta
What are Tories? Loyal to the king
Who are loyalists? Loyal to the king
Who are the 3 signers from Georgia that signed the Declaration of Independence? Lyman Hall, Button Gwinnett, George Walton.
Name all acts made by Great Britain Stamp, Sugar, Townshend, Intolerable,Navigation
What was the 2nd Continental Congress made for? managed the Colonial war effort and moved incrementally towards independence, adopting the United States Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
What was the slogan of the colonists? " No Taxation without representation"
Who made the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who were the first 3 governors in Georgia John Reynolds, Henry Ellis, James Wright.
What are 2 important ports in Georgia? Savannah and Brunswick
Name 4 of the transportations used in Georgia. Interstate highways, railroads, deepwater ports, Hartsfield-Jackson airport
Why is Georgia a pub? It has many roads that lead out across the country. It exports and imports many things.
What is the difference between primary source and second hand account? Primary source is a first hand eyewitness and second hand is something you read about and no one was there to experience it.
What was the Charter of 1732 The first 20 years of Georgia is to be governed by the trustees. Ratified Georgia as a colony.
What is a philanthropy? the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.
Who were the Mississippians? Indians living in Georgia
When was Georgia claimed and when did they begin settling? 1663 and 1717.
Who was James Oglethorpe. He founded Georgia and befriended Tomochcichi
Who was Tomochichi Native American Tribal Chief who gave Oglethorpe Yamamcraw Bluff
What are trustees? King's trusted men
How are palisades used? Defense structures
What ship did J.Ogethorpe use to sail to Georgia? The Ann
What is significant about Savannah? It was the first planned city in US history. First capital of Georgia.
What role did Mary Musgrave play? She was an interpreter between Tomochichi and Oglethorpe.
Who were the Salzburgers? Expelled from their home in Salzburg, Austria and settled by themselves in Georgia.
Who were the Highland Scots? Scottish soldiers. Fought alongside Oglethorpe.
A ban on which group of people were the Malcontents least concerned about? The catholics
Who were the Liberty Boys? A group of people who went against the the acts of Great Britain( Sugar act)
What was the drawing made by Paul Revere called? Propoganda
What was the result of the Boston Tea Party? Intolerable act
How long was the French and Indian war? 9 years
What was the" shot heard around the world"? The first shot of the American Revolutionary war.
What are 2 reasons the Tories stayed Loyal to the King They had family there and were afraid of change.
Who was Elijah Clarke? Led the Battle of Kettle Creek
Who saved Elijah Clarke? Austin Dabney
What is Aphorism? collection of practical information and advice about the weather,Planting, and the calendar as well.Collection of short, concise sayings expressing general wisdom
What is the US Constitution? established America's national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens.
what is a fortunate drawer? Someone who own a land lottery
Who was James Jackson. He wanted to bring justice all involved in the Yazoo Land Fraud
What is Yazoo territory? Land that became Alabama and Mississippi
Who is a land speculator? Someone who buys property to sell it for a profit
Created by: Bchann13
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