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1920's/Great Depress

U.S. History Vocab Tuesday oct. 24th

Roaring 20's Decade of prosperous and life was more comfortable. It has less in its polotics while experiencing fundaamental experiences.
Return to normalcy Wanted a less ambitious foreign policy and a greater emphasis on peacetime production and prosperity
Warren G. Harding U.S. president 1921-1923 Campaign slogan that called for America to return to normalcy. His weakness was appointed personal friends which caused a scandal “The Teapot Dome Scandal”
Tea Pot Dome Secretary of the interior Albert B. Falls secret leasing of oil-rich public class companies in return for money and land.
Scopes Trial A sensational 1925 court case in which the biology teacher, John Scopes was tried for challenging a Tennessee law that outlawed the teaching of Evolution
Clarence Darrow Attorney that defended John Scopes a biology teacher in the famous Monkey Trials. The trial was a fight over evolution and the role of science and religion in public schools.
William Jennings Bryan He served as the prosecutor in the famous monkey trial. He was an opponent of Evolution, in the end he help prosecute John Scopes.
Henry Ford Engineer and early automobile manufacture of the Model T. He used assembly line production to lower car prices, bringing ownership i reach of most americans
Glenn Curtis Aviation Pioneer who developed airplanes that landed on water. He opened the door to the birth of U.S. Naval aviation
Marcus Garvey A political activist that emphasized racial pride who believed in black-owned businesses. He led a back to Africa movement. He wanted to liberate the African people around the world
Calvin Coolidge U.S. President 1923-1929. Symbolized old fashioned values of honesty and thrift. Pro business his motto was “The business of America is business”. He cut taxes raised tariffs while refusing to forgive European War debt.
Charles Lindbergh First person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and became an international hero..
Red Scare A panic in the U.S. (1919) involving a threat to American life with the spread of communism.
Prohibition The banning of the manufacture, sale and possession of alcoholic beverages.
Harlem Renaissance The flowering of African-American artistic creativity during the 1920’s, centered in the Harlem community of New York City.
Tin Pan Alley A section of New York City where song-writing and musical ideas mixed together to form American popular music such as blues, jazz and ragtime.
Langston Hughes A poet who expressed his pride in this heritage while attacking racism. Writing about what is was like to be an African American growing up in America.
F Scott Fitzgerald His works, like the “Great Gatsby, captured the sprit of the Jazz Age.
Flappers Free thinking young women who embraced the new fashions and urban attitudes of the 1920’s.
Black Tuesday A name given to October 29 when stock prices fell sharply and the Stock Market Crashed.
Quota System A system that sets limits on how many immigrants form various countries a nation will admit each year.
Created by: JalilHudson11