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Who & Why

Who & Why the Colony was Founded

Who Founded Virginia & Why Was it Founded The London Company and Cpt. John Smith; To find gold and to expand trade
Who Founded Massachusetts Bay/Plymouth Rock & Why Was it Founded MB= Pilgrims ("Separatists"); Wanted religious freedom. PR= John Winthrop & John Carver; To avoid religious persecution
Who Founded Maryland & Why Was it Founded Cecil Calvert (a.k.a Lord Baltimore); A refuge for Christians
Who Founded New York & Why Was it Founded The Duke of York (a.k.a Peter Minuit); Trading posts by the harbors
Who Founded Rhode Island & Why Was it Founded Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson; Banished from Massachusetts Bay
Who Founded Connecticut & Why Was it Founded Thomas Hooker; Jobs, industries, trading, economy, religious freedom
Who Founded New Hampshire & Why Was it Founded John Mason & John Wheelwright; For profit from trade
Who Founded Delaware & Why Was it Founded Peter Minuit and The Sweden Company; Trade profit from iron, fur, and coal
Who Founded North Carolina & Why Was it Founded Lords, proprietors, and aristocrats; Profit from trade and selling land
Who Founded South Carolina & Why Was it Founded Lords, proprietors, and aristocrats; Profit from trade and selling land
Who Founded New Jersey & Why Was it Founded Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret; Profit from selling land
Who Founded Pennsylvania & Why Was it Founded William Penn; Quakers, members of the Religious Society of Friends, needed religious freedom from Great Britain
Who Founded Georgia & Why Was it Founded James Oglethorpe; Religious freedom, protection against Spanish Florida, and as a jail for prisoners.
Created by: AdenWinn