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Global 10

Unit 1 Industrial Revolution

Command Economy An economy in which production, investments, prices and incomes are determined by the GOVERNMENT. (Communism)
Economics An exchange of good & services
Labor Unions Organized association of workers formed to protect their rights & interests
Facism form of radical agressive nationalism; emphasizes racism;Nazi/Neo-Nazi
Xenophobia intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries
Islamophobia irrational fear of Islam or the people that practice it
Proletariat french word for works or working class people;exploited by the bourgieoisie
Bourgeoisie french word meaning middle class; Pro of the Industrial Revolution
Tenement a rundown and often overcrowded apt.-house in poor section of city
Poor Laws of 1884 passed by British Parliament with intention to reduce cost of looking after the poor
Charles Dickens English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustices ; Christmas Carol & Oliver Twist
Thomas Malthus 18th century philosopher & economist who became famous for his ideas on population growth
Exploitation Action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work
Urbanization movement of people from rural areas to cities
Enclosure process of taking over and consolidated land formerly shaped by farmers
Mass Production practice of producing goods/products in large amounts
Industrial Revolution a period of change that increased the output of goods made by machines; starts in Great Britian in 1750s a.a.r.o. abundant natural resources
Richard Arkwright an inventor of the water powered spinning jenny
Steam Engine invented by James Watt in 1781 revolutionizes energy output, changing how goods are produced
Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nation (1776) foucsing on economic theory...laissez-faire
Capitalism economic system where the goods and services are controlled by supply and demand
Market Econony economic system in which decision on production and consumption of goods and services are based on the voluntary exchange in markets; capitalism;money economy
Karl Marx wrote Communist Manifesto which examined the treatment of the proletariat worker and predicted a revolution led by proletariat "classless society"
Communism economic system where the government is the most important;government controls the means of production
Niccolo Machiavelli wrote The Prince focusing on the use of political power
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