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AmH 9.1/10.3

AmH 9.1/10.3 Expansion and Trail of Tears

Diplomacy ways countries work together with each other
negotiation countries talk together to reach a compromise
Treaty agreement between two countries
Compromise each side gives in a bit to reach an agreement
Florida the state the US gained from Spain and removed the Natives from with the Indian Removal Act
Spain the European country that claimed Florida before the US
49th parallel the border line between the US and Canada with the Convention of 1818
Convention of 1818 treaty with Britain to set the border between the US and Canada
Great Lakes US and Britain agreed to limit navy power here
Rush-Bagot Agreement Treaty between the US and Britain to limit navies in the Great Lakes
Adams - Onis Treaty Treaty with Spain to settle border disagreements in North America
Monroe Doctrine US policy warning European countries to stay out of ALL of the western hemisphere
Western hemisphere North and South America (all land west of the Atlantic Ocean)
Cherokee last tribe in Florida to be sent to Oklahoma, even though they won the Supreme Court case
Choctaw first Indian sent to Indian territory in Oklahoma
Creek tribe that resisted moving in 1836 and 14,500 were captured and moved with many in chains
Chickasaw tribe that negotiated for better supplies for the move, but many still died
Seminole had 2 wars with the US against removal and some were allowed to stay in Florida
Trail of Tears name for the 1000 mile forced walk 5 Native American tribes made to Oklahoma
4000 number of Cherokee that died on the forced walk to Oklahoma (1/4 of the number that started)
Worcester v. Georgia Supreme Court case that said Natives were a separate community and did not have to follow state laws
reservation land set aside for Native Americans to have as theirs called Indian Territory, originally in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Indian Territory
Andrew Jackson President who refused to enforce the Supreme Court ruling and Congress did not stop the removal
Indian Removal Act law in 1830 that allowed US government to move Native tribes east of the Mississippi to the West
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