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history test

mr zinnen part

connecticut founded by thomas hooker
back country region of hills and forests west of the tidewater
cash crop plants grown to make money
colony area in a country controlled by another country
charles l english king who persecuted puritans and caused puritans to move to massachusetts
blue laws certain laws for sabbath day
culture way of life
gentry wealthy
apprentice assistant who is assigned to learn the trade of a skilled craftsman
enlightlenment movement during 1700s that spread the idea of knowledge, reason, and science could improve society
ben franklin one of the leaders of the enlightenment movement
export to sell goods abroad
bill of rights first 10 commandments in the US constitution
debtor someone owning more money than one makes
massachusetts bay where new amsterdam was located
ann hutchinson woman persecuted because of gender and religion, later was a symbol of toleration
middle class neither rich nor poor
libel published false statements that defames someone
import to buy goods from foreign markets
legislature someone able to alter the law
mercantilism the theory that a state or nations power depended on its wealth
james olgethorp founded georgia, for debtors and poor people, debtor colony
lord baltimore wanted to establish place for catholics being persecutes, son cecilius calvert founded maryland
mason-dixon line line charles mason and jeremiah dixon hired to create to separate maryland and pennsylvania
indigo crop that saved jamestown, used to dye textiles (clothing and ink)
rhode island founded by roger williams, with ethnic and religious diversity, safe place for dissenters
puritans wanted reform the english church (anglican)
toleration accepting of others, to not interfere
proprietary colony owner owned all of the land and controlled the government
proprietor owner of a buisness, owner of land (owner of colony)
patroon wealthy landowner in the dutch colonies who ruled like a king over large areas of land
sabbath holy day of rest
pacifist not agreeing to violence
public schools tax dollars pay cost for education
triangular trade trade that exchanged goods between the west indies, american colonies, and west africa
tidewater region of flat, low-lying plains along the sea coast
plantation a large estate run by an owner or manager and farmed by laborers who lived there
racism to treat someone badly because of their race/color
slave codes laws passed in the southern states that controlled and restricted enslaved people
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