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Wrong test/quiz Q's

Questions i missed on tests/ quiz sheets

The saying "But as the dog said, 'If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it is play'" is used by one of the characters in TFA to describe…. the negotiation of Obierika and Ukegbu over bride price
Diaspora means…. dispersion of any people from their homeland, is used in a piece by Adichie when an African character is looking for an African braiding station in America
"Ashy Buttocks" is a nickname for... kotma, or court messenger
What aspect of Igbo & Western culture is NOT compared in TFA? Treatment of women. Aspects that ARE compared are government, education, religion, & acceptance of differences
The ekwe, which communicated Ezeudu's death to the villages is a... drum
Mr Brown finds flaws in Chukwu (Igbo supreme God) and the Igbo religion EXCEPT FOR there are leaders acting on behalf of their religion
In TFA it's said that the white man is clever in breaking apart the clan by... coming quietly and peacefully
It's implied that Okonkwo is one of the egwugwu (because of his recognizable gait, or manner of walking
The character that insists he/she didn't hang him/herself despite a sad life is.. Uchendu
Okonkwo and his father have in common their.. lack of honor at death
Historically, the Christian presence in Africa was NOT largely a response to… the need for unskilled labor in Western locales. It was a large response to the discovery of raw materials, the Euro search for new markets, the abhorrence of the worship of pagan gods & goddesses, and the end of slave trade.
Okonkwo's fear of Nwoye & his other sons becoming Christian is that Okonkwo will.. have no one to honor him as an ancestor
While the term "post-colonialism" examines the effects of colonized nations on the colonized, "neocolonialism" examines.. the post-independence period when colonizer exploits the former colony
The author, character, or speaker among the short selection works that exhibits hybridity THE LEAST is…. Maami Amfoa
The play which criticized Kenyan leadership, was banned in Kenya, and may have contributed to the author's arrest and detention was entitled... I Will Marry When I Want
Changes that Kamau experiences in his village in "The Return" DO NOT INLUDE a new government that has been installed. They did include the location of his village, his wife no longer there, the community is different, and there's a lack of food.
Imagery of betrayal & corruption in "And So It Came To Pass" DOES NOT INLUDE Rain. It does include the biblical allusion of Jesus being sold for 30 pieces of silver, foxes, moonless nights, & crabs.
"And So It Came To Pass" is a rhyming poem, but it DOES NOT include the poetic feature of... A metrical pattern. It does include allusion, alliteration, internal rhyme, & consonance
The phrase "castle of our skins" in "And So It Came To Pass" draws a connection between…. all people of African descent
The story "The Message" is told primarily through…. dialogue
In "The Message", Efu Panyin, Okuma, & Kwame Gyasi are named as... family who have died
How does "scrappy nurse-under-training Jessy Treason" represent hybridity? Her grandparents live in a village
In "To Whom It May Concern", when the subject's services are dispensed with for the day, he's required to "betake himself' to.. a niche
Among Mrs Telfords expressed concerns about having the young men in her home is... that she employs a black domestic servant
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