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Westward Expansion

Social Studies Westward Expansion (up to the end of the Indians)

Why did people move out West? (4 reasons) - Opportunities for LAND OWNERSHIP - TECHNOLOGICAL advances - Possibility of GREAT WEALTH - NEW BEGINNINGS for FORMER SLAVES
When was the Comstock Lode and where? 1859 in VIRGINIA CITY, NEVADA
How many minerals were found in the Comstock Lode and how much was it worth? $500 MILLION worth of SILVER (80, 000 TONS!)
How many people moved to Nevada in the first year of the Comstock Lode? 17,000 PEOPLE
What were Boomtowns? TOWNS created INSTANTLY near GOLD and SILVER MINES
What was the Transcontinental Railroad and when was it completed? It was a FASTER and CHEAPER TRANSPORTATION out west completed in 1869
How was the route of the Transcontinental Railroad determined? Along MAJOR RR CITIES - San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle; Santa Fe, Dodge City, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago
What was the Cattle Boom and when was it? 1000's MOVED INTO THE GREAT PLAINS to RAISE CATTLE from TEXAS to MONTANA from 1860 to 1885
How strong were Long Horned Steer? VERY - they could travel with VERY LITTLE WATER and could FEED OFF OF THE PRAIRIE GRASS during the winter.
What happened to the beef prices during the Cattle Boom and why? The prices INCREASED as the DEMAND INCREASED because of GROWING CITIES in the east and the need to feed
What was the Fort Laramie Treaty and when was it passed? LAKOTA/SIOUX would stay to a LIMITED AREA of LAND in return for MONEY, ANIMALS and TOOLS
Why was the Fort Laramie Treaty broken? GOLD was discovered on Sioux Land, PIKES PEAK, CO - 1858
What caused the Chivington Massacre and when was it? In 1864, ANGRY WHITE SETTLERS and the SIOUX ATTACKED EACH OTHER for 6 YEARS
What happened during the Chivington Massacre and how did America react to it? In the process of SURRENDERING, about 200 SIOUX were SLAUGHTERED - Americans were OUTRAGED, although SHORT - LIVED (the CIVIL WAR was in progress)
What caused the Battle of Little Big Horn and when was it? GOLD was found in the SIOUX reservations (BLACK HILLS , SD, 1874); the war STARTED IN 1876
What Native American Group was involved in the Battle of Little Big Horn and what were it's two leaders? The SIOUX - SITTING BULL and CRAZY HORSE
What was the outcome of the Battle of Little Big Horn? COLONEL Custer and ALL 225 OF HIS MEN were KILLED by over 2,000 SIOUX WARRIORS
What Native American group did Chief Joseph belong to? The NEZ PARCÉS
Why was the treaty broken with the Nez Percés? GOLD was found on the NEZ PERCÉS reservation in SNAKE RIVER VALLEY
Why did Chief Joseph of the Nez Percés decide to flee to where are what was their outcome? The NEZ PERCÉS DIDN'T WANT TO MOVE to the NEW RESERVATION - They were STOPPED JUST SHORT of CANADA; 1/2 DIED along the way - STARTED with 800, ended with 450
Where was the Nez Percés tribe sent to after their attempted escape to Canada? SURVIVORS were sent to INDIAN TERRITORY in OKLAHOMA
What tribe was Geronimo part of? The APACHE
Why did Geronimo and his people fight? Geronimo's FAMILY was KILLED by WHITE SETTLERS, the APACHE was being FORCED ONTO A RESERVATION
What year did Geronimo and his tribe surrender and what was the significance of their surrender? The APACHE SURRENDERING in 1886 marked the END OF FORMAL WARFARE between WHITES AND INDIANS in the WEST
Why did the Lakota Native Americans flee the reservation, sparking the beginning to the Massacre at Wounded Knee? They were UPSET by the DEATH OF SITTING BULL when he RETURNED TO THE RESERVATION
What caused the Massacre at Wounded Knee? In the LAKOTA'S PROCESS OF SURRENDERING, a SHOT IS FIRED, 300 LAKOTA are KILLED