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Ch. 18

Reshaping the Nation

Comstock load Rich lode of silver-bearing ore
Boomtown Virginia City, Nevada
Transcontinental railroad completion site Promontory Point, Utah
"Pikes Peak or Bust" Prospector's slogan
created by railroad companies Times zones
What was most of the silver deep underground in rich streaks of ore called? Lodes
In boom towns, people who dealt out their own brand of justice without benefit of judge or jury were called Vigilantes
When mining "booms" were followed by "busts," boom towns turned into Ghost towns
Railroad construction was made possible by government financial aid and land grants called Subsidies
What railroad connected the Atlantic coast with the Pacific coast Transcontinental railroad
Type of cattle Longhorn
Plains farmers Sodbusters
Led cattle herds to railroads Chisholm Trail
Gave 160 free acres of land to a settler Homestead Act
Spanish word for ranch Rancho
What marked the end of the Cattle Kingdom? Price collapse of mid-1880s
Burning a symbol into an animals hide to show ownership is to Brand
One of the greatest dangers on a cattle drive was The stampede
What did African Americans who migrated from the Southern states into Kansas call themselves? Exodusters
Homesteaders who charged across the Oklahoma border on April 22, 1889 were called Boomers
Apache leader Geronimo
Fuel Buffalo Chips
Dried meat Jerky
William Cody Buffalo Bill
George Custard's victim Black Kettle
The southern plains were home to Apache and Comanche
Which Native American nation's nomadic life depended on the horse, buffalo, and open land? Sioux
More than 200 Lakota Sioux were killed at Wounded Knee
Who was the leader of the Lakota Sioux who refused to sell the Black Hills of Dakota? Sitting Bull
What dance did Woveoka, a prophet, give to to the Sioux to help them regain their former greatness? Ghost Dance
The Populist Party wanted to replace the country's gold-based currency with Free silver
Competed with Union Pacific Central Pacific
Demand of the Populist party Free silver
Which state joined the Union in 1876 Colorado
The Cental Pacific relied on workers who were Chinese
Who customarily wore wide-brimmed hats, chaps, and lariats? Vaqueros
Which two nations lived as farmers and hunters? Osage and Omaha
The Indian Peace Commission recommended that native Americams be Moved to reservations
The last Native American to surrender formally to the United States Geronimo
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