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1st Nine

Unit 1,2,3

Virginia House of Burgesses 1619 First elected representative body in the colonies
Jamestown 1607 First successful British colony
Mayflower Compact 1620 "self government"
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 1639 First constitution in the colonies
Why did the British colonize the New World? economic opportunity religious freedom
How did Locke and Montesquieu impact the colonies? influenced the founding fathers.
What started the Transatlantic Slave Trade? sugar plantations in the West Indies needed workers
What document organizes the government? Constitution
What did the Proclamation of 1763 say? Colonists cannot live west of the Appalachian Mountains.
The Intolerable Acts were punishment for what colonist action? Boston Tea Party
When was the Declaration of Independence written? 1776
What did T-Paine write? Common Sense
What did the Marquis de Lafayette do? fought with the Continental Army against the British
What side is a Loyalist on? loyal to the British King
Why did the colonists dump the tea into the harbor? They were angry about the Tea Act.
What is the Tea Act? This allowed a monopoly on the tea trade in the colonies.
What did Mercy Otis Warren do? documented the American Revolution
What was in the Treaty of Paris, 1783? The USA would be independent from Great Britain.
What did Abigail Adams want? women's rights
Why were the British taxing the colonists? They needed money to pay the debt from the French and Indian War.
What does a patriot want? independence
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