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2nd 6 weeks Social S

Plymouth 1620, Pilgrims established for religious freedom
Magna Carta 1215, King John was at war with France. John kept taxing nobles. The nobles rebelled against him
French and Indian War 1754
Boston Massacre 1770, soldiers and dock workers get into a fight. Crispps Attucks was killer along with 4 other unarmed colonists. Event helped incite rebellion.
English Bill of Rights 1689, William and Mary agreed to uphold the rights of English citizens and parliament
Glorious Revolution 1688, change from King James to Mary and William parliament took power from the king
Boston Tea Party 1773, colonists threw over chests of tea; they dressed as Indians and snuck on board and dumped 2 million dollar worth of tea into the ocean
Intolerable Acts 1774, they closed the port of Boston until the colonists pay for the dumped tea
1st Continental Congress 1774, banned all trade with England
The Stamp Act 1765, tax on the colonists legal documents with government stamp
Townshend acts 1767, taxed ant house goods imported
Sugar Act 1764, taxed on sugar, glass, stuff.
Tea Act 1773, taxed all types of tea imported
Quartering Act 1765, people had to house soldiers
Virginia House of Burgesses 1619, The first representative assembly in the New England Colonies
What was the main reason for the establishment of each of the 13 colonies?
Created by: BillCipher