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LH Test Unit: 3

Question Answer
What are the components of the Acadian Economy? Made dykes for farming hunted and fished, traded with Indians
What crops did the early Acadian settlers grow to make a living? Sugarcane and cotton
The Acadians mix/blended with what other cultures to form the Cajun Culture? Africans, French, Spanish and Indians
What is another name for the Cajun Country region of the state? What are key features of that region? Acadiana has 22 parishes, catholic dominated by Cajun country
What was the main source of labor due to the agricultural economy needs of Louisiana and what happened to it during the 1780’s and 90’s? Slavery
Tell me about the group “gens de couleur libres”. What did they do in Louisiana under Spanish rule? Free people of color
What are the major impacts of the Cabildo in Louisiana? Who created it? they overlooked illegal trade activity, they altered land grants to immigrants, made slave laws more open and tolerant, social change to New Orleans. Bloody O’Reilly
What type of leader was Cadillac and who was the proprietor with him? Who did he replace and why? Rude and blunt; Crozat- he replaced beilvelle
How did the Mississippi company plan to profit from Louisiana? Excusive trade for Canada and LA
Why did Louisiana use trading outpost to trade with English, Spanish, and locals? France wouldn’t give them supplies
What is New Orleans the perfect spot for in regard to economy? Why is it named New Orleans? Major trade port, duke of Orleans
Iberville created the first successful colony where? How did he find the mouth of the Mississippi River? Fort marepaus and asked Indians
What were the Spanish looking for when first exploring Louisiana? Gold and silver
What are some ways that Bienville tried to improve the relationship between the French and Native Americans of the region? he encouraged trade, living with them, and learning their languages
How did French interact with the Native Americans in the early years? How did this benefit the Native Americans? How did the Native Americans respond to the early French? friendly; traded with French for goods and tools; helped and protected the French
Explain why the Cajun culture is starting to lose its distinctiveness today? less Creoles, youngsters are not being taught about the Cajun culture, losing our marsh land due to coastal erosion
What was the big change for New Orleans under Spanish control? Economically. major port and smuggling
Which crop did the Spanish suggest in Louisiana to try and make the colony more profitable? Did it increase? It grew tenfold
Why did the French offer incentives to people to settle in Louisiana? What are examples of those incentives? stabilize colony; free land, safe from war, financial help, employment
How did Africans come to Louisiana? Did the treatment of slaves change with the Spanish? Brought slaves had to work on tobacco fields, could buy freedom
What was the original primary goal of the French explorers? What did LaSalle accomplish? LaSalle created Fort St. Louis…why? The north-west passage
Why the they move from Fort Maurepas to Fort Louis? Bad land for farming
Why did the British want to remove the Acadians? Sided with France thought they would commit treason
How were the Acadians treated when they arrived in Louisiana? Very well, Spanish gave things and let them keep their customs
What was life liking for Acadians after they moved to Louisiana? Live in houseboats hunted and fished
Why did the French and British fight the French Indian War? Control of the Mississippi river
Who took over after O’Reilly as the next Spanish governor and how did he impact Louisiana? Unzaga
What did John Law do for French colonization? formed MS Company, introduced paper money, formed government
Why did Germans come to Louisiana? Escape war
Why did the Caddo leave Louisiana? Got tired of fighting
Created by: kalynnlee
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