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Chapter 5 History

Native American Money Furs & wampum (shell beads)
Country Money Tobacco, rice, wheat, & corn
Unofficial money Spanish & Portuguese coins
British Money Pounds (scarce)
Paper currency (colonial) Various kinds - per state (colonies printed their own)
Begins with headache , backache, & fever of 102+. Name comes from yellow color of skin. Person is dead or recovering within a week. Transmitted by mosquitos. Death rate so high, people worked day and night to bury the dead. Yellow fever
Caused by variola virus. Deforms victims with hideous scars. Contagious from first signs to last scab. Spread by physical contact. Inoculation was used to prevent the spread ( injecting virus into patient). Small pox
How many people died from smallpox 30% of whites , 90-95% of native Americans
Results of the Treaty of Paris France was forced to give up all land claims. Spain given all land west of Mississippi River, Britain given all East.
British laws affecting the colonies were made by the parliament
The right of the freedom of the press in the colonies was established by the trial of John peter zenger
The principal that the government should be based of laws and not the whims of a ruler was established by the parliament
The English policy of interfering very little with the colonies was called Salutary neglect
The ruling family of England changed as a result of The glorious revolution
The first steps to limit the power of England's king were taken in the Magna carta
Conflicts over land and the fur trade caused The french and Indian war
This ended the french colonization in North America The treaty of Paris
This was the turning point in the french and Indian war Battle of Quebec
Forbade colonists from settling west of the Appalachians Proclamation of 1763
Led to Proclamation of 1763 Pontiac's Uprising
Benjamin Franklin proposed this The Albany plan of union
A traveling minister who drew thousands with his sermons and started a home for orphans George whitefield
A business person and inventor who became one of the best known political thinkers in the colonies Benjamin franklin
An English philosopher who argued that people have natural rights to life, liberty, and property John locke
A religious movement that swept through the colonies inter 1730s-1740s Enlightenment
A traveling minister who preached terrifying sermons about gods anger but promised listeners they could be saved Jonathan Edwards
A movement that emphasized reason and science as the path to knowledge Great awakening
Five English political traditions colonists brought with them Electing representatives, king is not above the law , trial by jury , complain to king with no punishment, private property rights
Edmund Andros English governor appointed to rule the reorganized northern colonies
English Bill of Rights 1689 laws protecting the rights of English subjects and parliament
Magna Carta Charter of English political and civil liberties
Pontiac's rebellion Native American Revolt against the British colonies
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