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history quiz

during the english civil war, puritans left old england for... new england
the lands between the english colonies in the north and the english colonies in the south were controlled by the... dutch
the main settlement of the colony of new netherland was... new amsterdam
new amsterdam was located on... manhattan island
envious of new amsterdams... england sent a fleet to attack new amsterdam in 1664 harbor
unprepared for battle, governor... surrendered new amsterdam to the english peter stuyvesant
'king charles ll gave the colony to... his brother the duke of york
who renamed it... new york
new york was a... in which the owner owned all of the land and controlled the government. proprietary colony
the duke of york gave the southernmost part of the colony to lord john berkeley and sir george carteret who named this new colony... new jersey
like new york, new jersey was a place of... diversity ethnic and religious
king charles gave william penn a tract of land stretching inland from the delaware river. this new colony became known as... pennsylvania
penn belonged to the society of friends, or... quakers
they were..., people who refuse violence pacifists
in 1682 penn sailed to america to supervise the building of... philadeplhia
in 1701 the... gave colonists in pennsylvania the right to elect representatives to the legislative assembly charter of liberties
after the charter of privileges gave lower counties in pennsylvania the right to form a legislature... acted as a separate colony delaware
why did sir george calvert want to establish a colony in america wanted to establish a safe place for catholics who were being persecuted in england
how was a wealthy and powerful class of maryland landowners created lord baltmore gave large estates to his realatives and other english aristocrats
what did the colony do to supply laborers for the plantation fields they promised 100 acres of land to each person
why did nathaniel bacon and his followers attack jamestown they resented the governors pledge of staying out of native american land
why was the southern part of carolina more prosperous than the northern part the south had better farmland, and a good harbor
what was the blue gold of carolina a type of flower called indigo
why was the colony of georgia established to help debtors and poor people get a new start
what two frenchmen explored the mississippi river by canoe in 1670 louis joliet and jaques marquette
what were these explorers looking for precious metals and a waterway to the pacific
what did they discover about the mississippi river it flowed into the gulf of mexico
what lands did the spanish control in the early 1600s most of mexico, the caribbean, and central south america
what are missions religious settlements established to convert people to a particular religion
who was the franciscan monk who founded a mission at san diego and eight other places in california junipero serra
what two countries are considered the great rivals of the colonial period britain and france
new amsterdam main settlement of the dutch
manhattan island where new amsterdam was located
peter stuyvesant governor of new amsterdam and surrendered it after being unprepared for attack
duke of york king charles ll brother
new york new amsterdam renamed by duke of york
proprietary colony the owner owns all the land and controls the government
lord john berkeley founder of new jersey named after where carteret was born
sir george carteret founder of new jersey given to him by duke of york
william penn founder of pennsylvania, got that land because kind was in debt to his father
quakers society of friends, were pacifists, believed everybody had an inner light that could guide them to their salvation
pacifists do not believe in violence
philadelphia made under penns supervise and city of brotherly love, chance to put quaker ideals into practice
indentured servants to pay for passage to america, agreed to work without pay
sir george calvert, lord baltimore catholic who wanted to establish a place for catholics to not get persecuted and to bring him fortune, son cecilius calvert founded maryland
potomac river cecilius calvert sailed up it to find a fertile countryside later named st.marys
baltimore founded in 1729, marylands port, became colonys largest settlement
act of toleration law granted protestants and catholics the right to worship freely
nathaniel bacon led angry westerners to attack native american villages, declared the greatest rebel ever seen in virginia
bacons rebellion angry westerners to attack native american villages, caused native americans to open up more land
charleston settlers in carolina founded a city named charles town later named charleston
eliza lucas developed indigo
james oglethorpe led group to create a colony for english debtors and poor people
debtors unable to pay their debts
savannah town in georgia built by oglethorpe
quebec founded by french
new france royal colony
louis joliet and jacques marquette searched along mississippi for precious metals and sea route to pacific
rene robert cavelier and sieur la salla claimed gulf of mexico region for france
new orleans founded by french governor
tenant farmers paid lord annual rent and worked for him a certain number of days each year
santa fe founded by spanish missionaries, soldiers, and settlers
missions religious settlements established to covert people to a certain religion
junipero serra founded a mission at san diego and set up eight more in california
Created by: 9oscar9
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