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U.S. History


Who was the first English child born in America? Virginia Dare
People who own other people money are called what? Debtors
What did they grow back then in North Carolina? Timber, tobacco, and tar
What is the meaning of constitution? A written plan for the government
What is the difference between indentured servants and enslaved Africans? The indentured servants agreed to work for a certain amount of years but enslaved Africans were forced to work for the rest of their lives.
What is the reason for the founding of Maryland? A place where Catholics could practice their religion freely.
What caused the Bacon's Rebellion? Governor Berkeley not letting settlers expanding their land to the west.
The Jamestown colonists called the winter of 1609-1610 the "starving time"
What was the effect of Bacon's Rebellion? It showed that government should listen to people's demands
What was Georgia founded for? As a place to give debtors and poor people a fresh start and to act as barrier against Spanish expansion.
Why couldn't John White return to Roanoke for almost three years? Because his country was in war and he couldn't sail back.
In 1620 the Pilgrims sailed to North America aboard a ship called The Mayflower
In 1624 King James took away the company's charter and declared it a ________ colony. Royal
Almost half the Pilgrims died during their first winter from .. Illness, hunger, and cold.
Plymoth would become part of a nearby colony called ... Massachuetts
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