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Chapter 3

Miguel's Study Stack

In the late ______, English pirates such as _____________ had success stealing Spanish treasure on its way from the Americas to Europe. 1500s / Sir Francis Drake
Then, in 1587 Raleigh sent ________, ____________ , and___________ to Roanoke 91 men, 17 women, 9 children
That year, England's Queen Elizabeth gave Sir Walter Raleigh the right to ___________________________. claim North America
What did White do nine days after her granddaughter's birth? White returned to England for supplies.
The plan was for the company's settlers to find _________ and _______________________. gold and establish trade in fish and furs
The colonists also found a way to make money for the investors. They began _________________________________ from the West Indies. growing a type of tobacco using seeds
Who sent the settlers to Roanoke Island twice? Raleigh
What did Raleigh found when he returned to Roanoke. What clue did he found White found his colony deserted. / The only clue he found was a tree with the word Croatoan carved on it.
Bad weather kept White from _____________. Investigating
Investors bought shares hoping the company would make money and that they would _________________. share in the profits
What did the colonists faced when instead they couldn't find gold or riches in Virginia? they faced severe hardships, including disease and hunger
Why did the shareholders of the Virginia Company couldn't make money? the company faced financial troubles
The chance to own land lured many settlers to Virginia and gave them a ________________. reason to work hard
The fighting between _________ and _________ made it impossible for White to sail back to ___________ for nearly three years. England / Spain / Roanoke
The scouts made an enthusiastic report of a place called ______________________. Roanoke Island
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