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Chapter 3

Mrs.Plyler study stack

The English wanted to gain control of the valuable __________ colonies Dutch
In 1644 the English sent a fleet to attack_________ New Amsterdam
By 1702,____________ had become a royal colony New Jersey
_________ believed that the land of Pennsylvania belonged to the Native Americans and that the settlers should pay for it William Penn
Where did John White think the Roanoke colonists go? Croatoan Island
What was the reason John White took so 3 years to get back to Roanoke? England and Spain were at war
The _____________ was a joint-stock company in which investors bought shares, or part ownership. The Virginia Company
In 1620 a group of ________ decided to move to America Separatists
As settlers spread across ___________.They met the Native Americans who lived there Wampanoags, Narragansett and other groups. New England
What was the last british colony to set up in America Georgia
What colony was founded by William Penn and some other Quakers for religious freedom. Pennsylvania
Created by: drea.cm