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Chapter 6 Test

What do you consider to be the key characteristic of the early roman republic? Located on a river and excellent trade, heretige of greeks,latins, and etruscans the social classes of the plebeians and patricians rome destroys carthrage- punic wars and rule of law 12 tables.
What limits were there on the power of the roman consul one-year term:10-year hiatus between terms and cuonsul can veto each other
What was the signifigance of the 12 tables? They were writtenn law code that assured equal protection under the law
How was hannibals attack on rome different and daring? Instead of attacking head- on, he led his army from spain and through the alps for a surprise attack
Do you thinkthe roman repuublic owed its succes more to its form of goverment or its army? why? the army expanded the empires territory and power, but the republican goverment led to the stabability of the civilization to grow and prosper.
do you agree with the claims that earlyy rime had achieved a "balanced goverment"? Explain. Yes, the republic combined the best features of a monarchy (consuls or kings with limited power),Aristocracy (sene\ate) and democracy (the assemblies). This created a stable goverment
how did rome expand its territory and maintain control over it? It expanded it through conquest, maintained control by just treatment of the conquered.
What changes do you consider negative? why? Negatives- increasing slavery and the gap between the rich and the poor Positives-Christianity begins
What factors contributed to the fall of the roman republic? Economic inequality, military upheaval, civil war, and the rise of Caesar
what are the main reasons for the romans' success in controlling such a large empire? An efficiant system goverment, able rulers, and a strong army.
what mesures did the goverment take to distract and control the mass of rome? They provided manyy free games and gladiator contests and organized manyy celebritory contests.
what role did Julius Ceaser play in the decline of the republic and the rise of the empire? Ceasar helped restore order, then siezed powe. His occupation of rome and his rule as a dictator effectivley ended the republic.
what asspects od roman society remained simmilar from the republic empire? A wide disparity continued between the rich and the poor.
what was Augustus's greatest contribuation to the roman society? Why? His system of goverment, which kept the empire strong and stable. His system of goverment, which kept the empire strong and stable.
what did jesus emphasize in his early teachings? A personal relationships with God, importance of people's love to God, neighbors and enemies. Also, offered eternal life if you repented for your sins.
Why did the early christians face persecution from the romans ? Christians refused to worship Roman gods, this refusal was seen as opposition to Roman rule
what was the importance of the nicene creed? It defined the Church basic beliefs.
do you think christianity would have developed in the same way if it had arisen in an area outside the roman empire? Exlain. The Roman empire was well organized with good roads & active trade, so the new religion could spread easily. Other areas were more isolated.
who did more to spread christianity paul or constantine? explain. Paul carried the message throughout of the empire & welcomed Gentiles. Constantine ended persecution.
Why do you think roman leaders so opposded the rise of a new religion amoung their subjects? They feared that it would lead to rebelion.
How did these problems open the emire to invading people? Inflation caused agriculture to face serious problems The untrustworthy army caused feelings of loyalty weaken among even citizens so they felt little of loyalty The political instability caused the political office to be seen as big problem, military,
What were the main internal causes of the empire's decline? Civil wars, problems with taxes, no rule of succession
How did Diocletian succed in preserving the empire? He divided the emperor into Greek-speaking east, and the Latin speaking West
why did so many germanic tibes begin invading the roman empire? in an effort to flee from the Huns
How do you think the splitting of the empire into two parts helped it survive for another 200 years? 7.Which of Romes internal problems do you think were the most serious? why? 8. Why do you think the eastern half of the empire survived The empire was too big so they split it to make it more manageable.
Which of Romes internal problems do you think were the most serious? why? The economic decline because when the economy falls the social, military and political fall too. The social falls because of the contrast between rich and poor, the military falls because the lowered pay, and the political side falls because of the lower
Why do you think the eastern half of the empire survived The Eastern side was wealthier and the capital was in the Eastern side, which made the main trade in the Eastern side making the western side harder to get resources
Which acompleshment do you consider most important and why? Fine Arts—Sculpture, mosaics; Law— Fair laws applied equally to all people; Literature—Virgil, Ovid, Tacitus; Engineering—Arch, dome, concrete. Possible Answers: laws and engineering because of long-term effects.
What is Greco-roman culture? The mixing of elements of Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman cultures.
In what way did roman art differ from greek art? The Greeks were known for beautiful but idealised sculpture; Roman sculptors created more realistic works.
What influence did latin have on the development of western languages? it forms the basis for Western languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian; more than half of English words have a basis in Latin.
which principle of law so you think has been romes greatest contribuation to modern legal systems? equal treatment before the law because it erases class differences; innocent until proven guilty because it protects from punishment without conviction.
Do you agree with Horaces claim on page 178 that when it came to culture,greece in essence conquered rome? explain? Greek influence can be seen in Roman culture, such as art, philosophy, and literature.
Describe how the world might be different if rome had not excisted? The make-up of language, law, and government would be different in many Western countries and perhaps Greek and Hellenistic culture would be lost
Created by: Julia.megan
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