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Song of the Earth Mahler
Andre Breton founder of Surrealism
Giacomo Rubusti Tintoretto’s real name (means “little dyer”)
Harriet Smithson Berlioz’s favorite opera singer
Delos known as the “wandering island;” birthplace of Artemis and Apollo
The Miraculous Mandarin Bela Bartok
Nereids Pontus and Doris are their parents
Siege Perilous seat at King Arthur’s table; killed everyone who sat there until Galahad
Cornaro family commissioned the Ecstasy of St. Theresa
Radames loves Aida
Perseus founded Mycenae, which has the “Lion Gate” and the “Treasure of Atreus”
Madame Carpentier painted by Renoir
Midas king of Phrygia
Mercury son of the nymph Maia
Hanuman king of the monkey’s in Ramayana
Jason reared by the centaur Chiron
Colossus of Rhodes dedicated to sun god Helios
Pelops sons were Atreus and Thyestes (both of whom he ate); wife was Hypodamia
Seurat died in 1891 from pneumonia at age 31
Nureyev ballet dancer whose “leap to freedom” in 1961 made him a Soviet defector
Tenebrism created by Caravaggio whose real name was Michelangelo Merisi
“The Jeweler” Ira Gershwin’s nickname
David Tudor first to play 4:33 seconds by Cage in 1952 at Maverick Concert Hall
Clarinet represents the cat in Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev
Cadmus sowed dragon’s teeth in the soil to create the ancestors of Thebes
Goya painted the 3rd of May, 1808
Bartholdi sculpted Mt. Rushmore and the shell of the Statue of Liberty
Braques founded Cubism with Picasso
Gilbert Stuart painted unfinished portrait of George Washington that appears on the dollar bill
Paul Gauguin was a Parisian stock-broker before leaving his family to move to Tahiti to paint
Laocoon warned of the Trojan Horse in The Iliad
Charles Ives composed Three Places in New England
Botticelli name means “little barrel”
Calypso her island is called Ogygia in The Odyssey
Ghiberti sculpted The Gates of Paradise
Purcell composed the early English opera Dido and Aeneas
Cellini sculpted Perseus with the Head of Medusa
Goya painted The Nude Maja
Dukas composed The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Borodin composed the unfinished Prince Igor
Camille Pissaro the “Father of Impression”
Rigoletto hunchback jester created by Verdi
Priam king of Troy in The Iliad
Dorcus other name for Tabitha in the Bible
Copland composed Fanfare for the Common Man
Adonis killed by a boar
Rodin sculpted The Burghers of Calais and Balzac
Radames character in Aida
Monet painted many pictures of Rouen Cathedral
Chagall painted I and the Village
Massacio painted The Tribute Money
Camille Sainte Saens composed Carnival of the Animals
Mies Van der Rohe said “less is more” and he led the Bauhaus in the US
Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus in Germany and brought it to the US
Anchises Aeneas’s father in Vergil’s Aeneid
Calisto turned into a bear by Hera
Kandinsky member of “The Blue Rider,” or Der Blaue Reiter movement
Da Vinci painted Madonna of the Rocks
Schoenberg created the 12-Tone System of music
Myron sculpted the Discobolus (“The Discuss Thrower”)
Haydn composed the London Symphony
The Moonlight Sonata Beethoven inspiration was a trip to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland
Caravaggio painted The Calling of St. Matthew
Steinway makes pianos
Samuel Barber composed Adagio for Strings which is the theme for the movie Platoon
Bologna sculpted The Abduction of the Sabine Women
“The Anvil Chorus” comes from Il Travatore
The Nose composed by Dmitri Shostakovich
Bauhaus began in 1919, in Weimar, Germany
Goya painted Saturn Devouring His Children
Beethoven 6th Symphony is called the “Pastoral”
Cassandra warned of the Trojan Horse
The Card Players painted by Cezanne
Clio Muse of History
Manet painted Luncheon on the Grass, which has a nude woman in it
Gilbert and Sullivan British comic musical pair from the 20th century
Brunelleschi designed dome of Santa Maria del Fiore church in Florence (called the “Duomo”)
Hero female lover of Leander; swam the Hellespont every night to reach her until he drowned
Lethe the “river of forgetfulness” in Hell according to Dante
The Titan Symphony Mahler
“Descent from the Cross” P. P. Rubens
“Hog’s Killing a Rattlesnake” and “Baptism in Kansas” Curry
Mt. Parnassus home of the Muses
“Madonna of the Gold Finch” Raphael
“The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp” Rembrandt
“Camelot” (the musical) Lerner & Lowe
Verdi opera about a hunchback “Rigoletto”
“Damnation of Faust” Berlioz
“Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel” Schubert
Most famous student of Cimabue, painted the Arena chapel Giotto
“Dream of Gerontius” Elgar
“Turandot” Puccini opera
George Bellows prominent artist of the Ashcan School of painting
Austrian painter of The Kiss Klimt
Mount of Olives location of the Garden of Gethsemane in the Bible
“Beethoven’s 10th” Brahms
“Joy of Life” Matisse
The Freeshooter (?) Carl Maria Von Weber
“Madonna of the Harpies” Andrea del Sarto
Spring Symphony Schumann
Titan Symphony Mahler
In the Steppes of Central Asia and Prince Igor Borodin
Von Rothbert & Siegfried “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky
“Judgment of Paris” Reubens
Iapetus father of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Atlas
“Music of Changes” and “Roratorio” Cage
“Microcosmos” and “Cantata Profana” Bela Bartok
Zacharias father of John the Baptist (Elizabeth was his mother; murdered by Herod)
Eisenstein main character in Der Fliedermaus (“The Bat”) by Strauss
Charles Wilson Peale painted many portraits of Revolutionary heroes, including Washington
“Rite of Spring” 1912 ballet by Stravinsky; choreography by Nijinsky
1445, Florence son of a tanner; studied under Fra Lippo Lippi = Botticelli
NYC Central Park designed by Olmsted
Orfeo Monteverdi (first opera)
“The Toreador Song” most famous song in Carmen by Bizet sung by Escamilio
“A Lincoln Portrait” Copland
Sedalia, MO Scott Joplin
Andre Segovia guitar virtuoso
Zadek Alban Berg
“Syndics of the Cloth Guild’ Rembrandt
Church and Cole members of Hudson River School
Kandinsky member of The Blue Rider
Nestor wisest at Trojan War
Action becomes a stag
Ives Three Places in New England
“William Tell” Rossini
“The London Symphonies” Haydn
Discobolus Myron’s discus thrower statue
“Calling of St. Matthew” Caravaggio
“Turandot” Puccini opera about Chinese princess
Ashcan School George Bellows was a member
Elgar “Dream of Gerontius”
Beethoven’s 6th “Pastoral Symphony”
Job & Pilgrim’s Progress R. Vaughan Williams
“Cavaleria Rusticana” Mascagni
“The Oxbow” T. Cole
TWA Terminal & Gateway Arch Saarinen
“Burial at Ornans” & “The Stonebreakers” Courbet
“Death on a Pale Horse” Benjamin West
“La Grande Odalisque” Ingres
“Third Class Carriage” Daumier
Florestan, Leanore, Don Fernando in “Fidelio”
Bull ridden by Shiva Mandi
Swan ridden by Brahma Hamsa
“Massacre at Chios” and “Dante & Virgil in Hell” Delacroix (“son” of Talleyrand)
“Human Condition” Magritte
Statue of Liberty created by Bartholdi
“Hymns from the Rig Veda” Holst
“Nixon in China” Adams
“Fanfare for the Common Man” Copland
“Abduction from the Seraglio” set in Turkey
“Aida” set in Egypt
“Presto” tempo; Andante tempo Italian for “to go”
“Full Fathom Five” Jackson Pollock
Gaudi “Church of the Sacred Family” / “La Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona
“Anvil Chorus” from Verdi’s Il Travatore
Lincoln Memorial Statue created by Daniel Chester French
Hercules recovered Guryion’s cattle
Count Almaviva character in Marriage of Figaro
Cadmus sowed dragon’s teeth founded Thebes
“Madame X” J.S. Sargent
“Cosi fan Tutte” Mozart
Adonis turned into a flower
“Duke Bluebeard’s Castle” Bartok
Durer = Da Vinci at the North (woodcuts)
Breughel “Tower of Babel” & “Peasant Wedding”
Styx means “hateful”
Steinway made pianos
“Adagio for Strings” Barber
“London” & “Farewell Symphonies” Haydn
“Burghers of Calais” Rodin
1875 Opera “Carmen” (set in Spain)
“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Dukas
“Garden of Earthly Delights” Bosch
“Isle of the Dead” Rachmaninoff
“Dying Slave” Michelangelo sculpture
“Return of Ulysses” Monteverdi
Carlo Moderno obscure Baroque artist
“The Childhood of Christ” Berlioz
“Trout Quintet” Schubert
“Leningrad Symphony” Shostakovich
Estonian composer Part
Bayreuth festival for Wagner
“Dumbarton Oaks” concerto Stravinsky
“Elegy for Dylan Thomas” and “Elegy for JKF” Stravinsky
“Appalachian Spring” commissioned by Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge and choreographer Martha Graham
Calaph prince in “Turandot”; Liu
Created by: kiler10z
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