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Unit One

Which European country came to the Americas in search of Gold? Spain
Which European country came to the Americas to hunt and trade furs? France
Which European country founded New Amsterdam - later called New York? Holland (the Dutch)
What were all the European countries searching for? A Northwest Passage to India
Which European country built a firm empire that worried the other countries? England
Which group was in the Americas before the Europeans? Native Americans
How did the Native Americans treat the Europeans when they first arrived? They were welcoming and friendly
There were at least three reasons why the colonists suffered at Jamestown. Name three (3) Water supply was bad Native Americans attacked them They did not work enough(hunt, fish, plant)
The Pilgrims founded what colony in Massachusetts in 1620: Plymouth
What document did the Pilgrims sign in order to work together to make laws? The Mayflower Compact
What was the first successful cash crop grown at Jamestown? Tobacco
What was the "Lost" English colony in the New World? Roanoke
When people elect leaders to represent them in government, it is called a -----------------government Representative government
True or False: The Southern colonies were known for growing tobacco, rice and indigo True
True or False: The New England colonies had long summers and short winters False (the opposite)
True or False: The Middle Colonies were known as the "Breadbasket Colonies" True
True or False: Pocahontas married an Englishman and died in England True
True or False: Plantations were found in the New England Colonies False
True or False: The New England colonies were known for shipbuilding and fishing True
True or False: The colony of Georgia was founded to give prisoners in England who owed money (debtors) another chance True
This region had long summers and short mild winters - the climate was perfect for growing cash crops Southern
This region was known for making and selling glass, clocks and guns Middle
This region had rocky soil not suited for growing crops New England
How many English colonies were in the New World at this time? Thirteen (13) (Maine was part of Massachusetts, and Vermont did not exist)
East Jersey and West Jersey became what colony in 1702 New Jersey
William Penn founded his colony, ---------------, for religious freedom Pennsylvania
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