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Chapter 3 Quiz

This is to test if you know Chapter 3 fluently.

How did the Dutch West India Company increase the colony's population? By offering large grants of land for anybody that could bring at least 50 settlers to work the land.
How did England get New Amsterdam? By sending a fleet to attack New Amsterdam and Peter Stuyvesant (the governor) surrendered it to them.
By which year did New Jersey become a royal colony? 1702.
What's a pacifist? "People opposed to the use of war or violence to settle disputes."
What did William Penn believe about Philadelphia? "That the land belonged to the Native Americans and that settlers should pay for it."
What year did colonists have the right to elect representatives to the legislature? 1701.
What's a patroon? "Landowner in the Dutch colonies who ruled over large areas of land."
What was alike about New York and New Jersey? They both had a diverse population.
Which colony was the fastest in growing? New York.
In which year did the English government allow citizens of New York to elect their legislature? 1691.
What did the proprietors do in New Jersey to attract settlers? They offered large tracts of land and also promising freedom of religion, trial by jury, and a representative assembly.
New Netherland was under who's control? The Dutch.
What was New Jersey named after? After the English channel island Jersey (where Carteret was born).
What's a proprietor? The owner of something.
When was the colony of Maryland settled? 1634.
What's an indentured servant? "Laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America."
What's an estate? "Large area of land that has one owner".
Who mapped the boundary line between Maryland and Pennsylvania? Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon
Were Protestants and Catholic both allowed in Maryland and Pennsylvania? Yes.
How were Protestants can Catholics both protected? The Act of Toleration in 1649.
Who was Nathaniel Bacon? "Nathaniel Bacon was a young planter in western Virginia. He opposed the colonial government because it was dominated by easterners. He also led attack on Native American villages in 1676."
Did the rebellion end after Nathaniel Bacon died? Yes.
What did Bacon's Rebellion show? "Bacon's Rebellion showed that government could not ignore the demands of its people."
In 1663 what land did King Charles II create? Carolina.
Why did King Charles II named the land Carolina? It was Latin for "Charles Land".
What did farmers do in North Carolina? "They grew tobacco and sold timber and tar."
What did settlers in South Carolina take advantage of? They took advantage of the fertile land and the harbor at Charles Town (later Charleston).
What were two crops that dominated in Carolina? Rice and Indigo.
When was Georgia founded? 1733.
What was the last British colony formed in America? Georgia.
In Georgia what punishment can a debtor receive if they can't pay back money. Imprisonment.
In 1751 what did Oglethorpe do with Georgia? Turn it over to the king.
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