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Colonial America

Spain, Portugal, and other European countries were in competition to find _______________. a sea route to the Indies
Spices were valuable because they were used ______________. as medicine, food preservatives, and flavorings
The compass allowed sailors to _______________. tell which direction was north
A carrack and caravels were the ships used _________________. on Christopher Columbus' first voyage
Columbus thought he had landed in the Indies, but he really landed _______________. on a Caribbean island
The Ocean Sea was ______________. a body of water that did not really exist
Queen Isabella wanted Native Americans ______________. to convert to Christianity
Amerigo Vespucci ________________. identified South America as a continent
For what achievement was Vasco Núñez de Balboa known? He was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean from the Americas.
The exchange of plants and animals between Europeans and the people living in the Americas ________________. changed the lives of both groups of people forever
The British, French, Spanish, and Dutch all explored _________________. the Americas
What happened to the Aztec and Inca Empires? Spanish explorers conquered them and shipped their gold back to Spain.
Because the Aztec and Inca had little immunity to European diseases, _________________. they were less able to defend themselves against Spanish takeover
The presidio, pueblo, and mission were _____________. kinds of Spanish settlements in the Americas
The French settlement on the St. Johns River was known as ______________. Fort Caroline
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