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4.4 The New South

Sharecropping A farmer worked a parcel of land in return for a share of crops, a cabin, seed, tools, and a mule.
Crop-lien system Any outstanding debts were added to their bills the following year.
poll taxes Fixed taxes imposed on every voter.
literacy tests Test that barred those who could not read from voting.
Segregation separation of races.
Who is Madame C. J. Walker? Explain how she was able to do what she did. She opened a hair preparations company, with her life saving of $1.50. She spread the word and moved to the Caribbean and had African American women spreading the word of her company.
Name 5 examples of Jim Crow Laws. Use your book and computer to find the examples. Marriage- A White and African couple can not get married. Schools- African Americans could not attend to White American schools. Baseball- A team of different race could not play or interact together.
Name 5 examples of Jim Crow Laws. Use your book and computer to find the examples. Prisons- Different races had to be separated throughout all activities in prison. Libraries- Separation of were races could be in a library.
Provide 3 or more real signs that are representative of the Jim Crow Laws. Poll taxes. Literacy test. Plessy v. Ferguson.
Describe the court case Plessy v. Ferguson. Again, use your books and computers to explain this court case. A lawsuit brought in 1896 after African American Homer Plessy was denied a seat in a first-class railway car. The Court ruled that “separate but equal” facilities did not violate the 14th amendment.
How did the Jim Crow Laws and the Plessy v. Ferguson case affect African Americans in the South? 1881 in Tennessee a law was passed, a Jim Crow Law, that required separate railway cars for African Americans and Whites.
Created by: Joe Montez