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history quiz

what were the two major reasons for conflict between england and spain trading and religious differences
what marked the end of the spanish control of the seas the defeat of armada
who did queen elizabeth give the right to claim any land in north america not already owned by a christian monarch sir walter raleigh
why did both attempts to settle in roanoke fail difficult weather
what was a charter the right to organize settlements in an area
when did virginia company settlers found jamestown and name the james river april 1607
why was jamestown built on a peninsula so they could defend it from attack
why did so many of the original jamestown colonists die within the first year of its settlement addition, disease, hunger
how was john smith helpful to jamestown in the second year of its settlement managed to get corn and force settlers to work
how did tobacco help the virgina colonists survive it made money
when did relations between settlers and the powhatan people improve after rolfe married pocahontus, daughter of chief powhatan
how did sir george yeardly help the jamestown settlers made the house of burgesses
what happened to the first africans brought to jamestown in 1619 sold to virginia plantations to labor in tobacco fields
who was william tucker first african american born in america
sir francis drake attacked spanish ships and ports and became a knight by queen elizabeth
sir humphrey gilbert claimed newfoundland for queen elizabeth
sir walter raleigh given the right to claim land in north america by queen elizabeth
roanoke island place walter raleigh settled
john white mapmaker and artist who led second attempt to roanoke and his daughter was first english child born in america
chesapeake bay bay that led to jamestown
jamestown town in north america named after their king
john smith managed to get corn and force settlers to work
pocahontus married john rolfe leading to peace between settlers and powtatan people
john rolfe learned to grow tobacco using seeds from west indies, married pocahontus
what were many of the settlers of new england seeking religious freedom
how did puritans differ from separatists puritans wanted to reform church while separatists wanted to make their own churches
why were all early settlers called pilgrims journey had a religious purpose
what formal document was drawn up to maintain order in the plymouth colony mayflower compact
who were squanto and samoset helped make treaty with wampanog people
what lifesaving skills did native americans teach the pilgrims how to hunt, fish, grow corn, other crops
what religious group established massachusetts bay company purirans
who was the first governor of the massachusetts bay company john winthrop
what was the movement that drove more than 15000 puritans to massachusetts great migration
who was allowed to vote in the massachusetts bay company male church members
what was the first written consitution in america fundamental orders of connecticut
what massachusetts minister was banished because of his belief in the separation of church and state roger williams
where were people first allowed to worship freely rhode island and providence plantations
what woman dared to question the religious authority of puritan ministers anne hutchinson
what usually caused conflicts between settlers and native americans settlers moved onto native american lands without payment
why did thousand of new england native americans die between 1600 and 1675 the war between settlers and pequot people
headright land grant
burgesses representatives
house of burgesses house for representatives to meet
joint-stock company buy stock in return for a share of companys future profits
charters right to organize settlements in an area
dissented disagree with beliefs or practices of the anglicans
persecuted treated harshly
puritans wanted to reform anglican chruch
separatists wanted to set up their own churches
pilgrims people on a religious journey
cape cod first land pilgrims sighted
william bradford leader and historian of mayflower
mayflower compact compact pledging loyalty to england and declared its intentions
squanto and samoset people who befriended colonists
massasoit wampanog leader who signed treaty with pilgrims
john winthrop colonys governor, well educated puritan
massachusetts bay place where winthrop led people, called boston
great migration movement of puritans to england to massachusetts
toleration allow something without interferring
hartford founded by thomas hooker
fundamental orders if connecticut first written constitution in america
roger williams minister who thought people should not be forced to worship in a certain way
rhode island and providence plantations safe place for people who worshiped differently
john wheelwright led dissidents from massachusetts to the north
new hampshire founded by john wheelwright
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