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Chapter 3: Lesson 4

Southern Colonies

Who made enslaved Africans to work in the tobacco fields? White landowners
Which colony was established for Catholic religion? Maryland
Large area of land that has one owner Estate
In 1676 Bacon led attacks on ______ __________ villages. Native Americans
What was Berkeley's goal? To prevent the outbreak of a war with the Native Americans.
What does Carolina mean in Latin? Charles's land
Why was Nathaniel Bacon against the colonial government? He thought it was dominated by the easterners
In ______ settlers in southern Carolina took control from the proprietors 1719
What crop was used to dye cloth? indigo
a list of fundamental laws to support a government Constitution
What was the last British colony set up in America? Georgia
What Act was established in 1649? Act of Tolarance
_________ was a colony where debtors and poor people could make a fresh start. Georgia
Who discover the indigo crop in 1740? Eliza Lucas
In the 1680s planters discovered that _______ grew well in the wet coastal lowlands. rice
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