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HIST Exam #2 Jay Jay

Paris Peace Conference Wilson invited no Republicans Republicans won both house in 1918 Republicans opposed the League of Nations Charter
Allies(France, England) Demand reparations from Germans Armistice: November 11, 1918
True or False: U.S. did not join the League of Nations True
Post-War Probs Labor unrest Racial violence "red scare"
Prosperity 1922-1929 Explostion of autos advertising radio
Economy open shops Union membership slipped Welfare Capitalism
Trends Prohibition: 18th amendment (1919) Gangsters
President Warren G. Harding 1920 "return to normalcy" Died in office in 1923
President Calvin Coolidge Former MA governor "business of America is business" Reelected in 1924
Immigration Immigration act 1924 Limited immigration
Culture F. Scott Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby" Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance Urban League; Opportunity Alain Locke Langston Hughes Jazz
Women Equal rights Smaller families More working women the 20s a "flapper"
Post War U.S. Red scare 100% Americanism Intolerance
A. Mitchell Palmer Palmer Raids 1919-1920 Arrests Deportations
1928 Election Herbert Hoover (Republican) Alfred E. Smith (Democrat)
Herbert Hoover Protestant Efficiency and individualism "dry" - supporter prohibition
Alfred E. Smith Roman Catholic Descended from immigrants Big city backing "wet" - Alcohol okay
Created by: mstout