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Turn of the Century

Part One of Turn of the Century

Black Cowboys of Texas A group of former slaves who worked on cattle trails.
cattle drive One of the cowboys most important and dangerous duties was the cattle drive. On these long journeys cowboys herded cattle to the market or to the northern Plains for grazing. These trips usually lasted several months and covered hundreds of miles.
Chisholm Trail A cattle trail named after a Cherokee Indian tracker named Jesse Chisholm.
homesteader Settlers who acquired free land from the government.
exoduster African American who migrated from the South to the Great Plains, following the Civil War.
Gold Rush 1848 gold was discovered in California. More than 25,000 people poured into this area. Caused conflict with Native Americans in California.
pioneer First species to colonize new or undisturbed land. (New settler).
reservation An area of land set aside by government for use by American Indians
Homestead Act 1862 - Provided free land in the West to anyone willing to settle there and develop it. Encouraged westward migration.
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad connecting the west and east coasts of the continental US.
sodbuster Name given to Great Plains farmers because they had to break through so much thick soil, called sod, in order to farm.
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