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Explorers Unit Test

Unit Study for 4th Grade Explorers

Was the expansion of international trade an economic, political, or technology factor? Economic
Were competitions between countries to get more land an economic, political, or technology factor? Political
When merchants brought back spices from the Far East to Europe, was that an economic, political, or technology factor? Economic
The astrolabe and compass helped sailors to plot their routes of travel. Was that an economic, political, or technology factor? Technology
Spain was becoming the most powerful nation due to finding gold and trade. Was that an economic, political, or technology factor? Political and Economic
Who were the first group to reach the Americas and find Newfoundland? Vikings
What did the Vikings call Newfoundland? Vinland
Why did the Vikings call Newfoundland Vinland? They called it Vinland, the land of vines, because there were so many grapes!
What are 3 reasons that Europeans wanted to travel and trade? 1. To find a faster route to India. 2. To gain political power. 3. To become rich and famous!
This person was son of Eric the Red and he explored what is now Newfoundland Leif Ericsson
This person was an explorer who left Spain in 1492 to sail the seas of blue and to find a better way to reach the Indies. Christopher Columbus
This person was a Spanish explorer who was the first European to reach the Mississippi River. Hernando de Soto
This person is a Portuguese explorer who led the 1st expedition around the world. Ferdinand Magellan
This person is a sailor from England who sailed for the Dutch and explored the Atlantic coast of what is now called the United States. Henry Hudson
This person is an English sailor who reached the mainland of North America in 1497. John Cabot
This person is a French explorer who explored the Mississippi River; he claimed the area and named it Louisiana. Robert La Salle
What is the Columbian Exchange? Changes brought about and items exchanged between the "old" and "new" worlds.
What were the positive effects of the Columbian Exchange? 1. The Europeans were introduced to new food and farming methods. 2. North Americans were introduced to horses and weapons. 3. The quality of life improved for both the Native Americans and Europeans.
What were the negative effects of the Columbian Exchange? The spread of diseases that the Native Americans had never been exposed to beforehand was devastating. 2. The introduction of slavery to the "new world."
What was Columbus' purpose in sailing west? To search for a water route to the far East, also called the Spice Islands.
How were John Cabot and Henry Hudson similar? Both explorers sailed for England and both were looking for the Northwest Passage.
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