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Geography II

Definition Term
a shape on the plant's surface, such as a mountain, valley, plain, island or peninsula landform
land that rises higher that 2,000 ft mountain
an example of a landform; rises less than 2,000 feet hill
a hill with a flat top plateau
stretches of mostly flat land plain
250 million years ago, all of Earth's continents were connected forming on giant landmass pangaea
a theory suggesting that Earth's surface is divided into a dozen or so slow-moving plates, or pieces of Earth's crust plate tectonics
covers all of Earth's surface, and helps complete the theory of plate tectonics plate
the process by which rock is broken down into smaller pieces weathering
the movement of sediment from 1 location to another erosion
the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth and the air atmosphere
what physical process occurs within the Earth? landforms begin to start forming (and geothermal activity)
movement of water from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back water cycle
any material in nature that people use and value (water, food, vegetation) natural resource
natural resource that r used of other things like a tree raw material
something that can be re-used or made into something else (water cycle) recyclable resource
resources Earth replaces naturally renewable resource
resources that cannot be replaced nonrenewable resource
nonrenewable resources that formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals fossil fuels
why is energy a scarce natural resource? because it is produced by nonrenewable resources and it will eventually run-out
the short-term changes in the air of a given place and time weather
the degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object; shown by a thermometer temperature
water that falls to Earth's surface as rain, snow, sleet, or hail precipitation
a region's average weather conditions over a long period climate
plants considered collectively, especially those found in a particular area or habitat vegetation
what role does wind and water play in creating our climate? wind and water move heat around Earth, affecting how warm or wet a place is wind- move moisture around the Earth water- it gives us precipitation for crops and water to drink
what is the difference between weather and climate? climate is a region's weather over a long period, when weather is just short-term changes in the air for a given place or time
what r the 5 major climate regions and what kinds of vegetation grow in each... 1. tropical- rain forests,grasses 2. dry- hardy plants (cacti) trees and shrubs by water 3. temperate- scrub woodland, grass, evergreen forests 4. polar- northern evergreen forest, moss, lichens, low shrubs 5.highland- ranges form forest to tundra
what physical processes occur on the Earth's surface? weathering, erosion (landforms r shaped)
Created by: 23felicity
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