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History Self Test 2

13 Colonies

A town that was the very first English colony in America, founded in 1607 by the Virginia Company of London. Jamestown
Founded as a refuge for Catholics the Toleration Act gave freedom to all Christians Maryland
Founded by Puritans, only Puritans were allowed to vote. Many people left this colony to start new ones. Massachusetts
First of the original 13 colonies. Begin the plantation/slave system in the South raising tobacco Virginia
Founded by Thomas Hooker, who wanted a colony where all men, not just those in the Puritan Church, could vote. Connecticut
Last colony founded, started to help people in debt Georgia
Colony began when the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts by mistake. The first Thanksgiving was there. Plymouth
Founded by Roger Williams, the first colony to have complete freedom of religion. Rhode Island
New Netherlands, built by the Dutch West India Co, taken by the Duke of York, grew slowly due to the lack of freedom and land to buy New York
Founded by two friends of the Duke of York who gave them the land, eventually it was sold to the quakers. New Jersey
Funded by eight wealthy friends of King Charles II. Had a great harbor at Charleston. Settlers from the West Indies brought in their slaves to grow indigo and rice. South Carolina
Founded by William Penn, with freedom of religion and good laws. Philadelphia was it's capitol and largest city. Pennsylvania
Given to William Penn by the Duke of York to give his colony an outlet to the sea. Became a separate colony. Delaware
Given to John Mason, but the people of Massachusetts settled it and rules it until it became a separate colony. New Hampshire
Southern Colony that did not have a good port, settled by farmers from Virginia, made up mainly of small farms. North Carolina
Saved Jamestown by forcing the men to work John Smith
Ran away from Massachusetts, paid the Native Americans for land to start a colony Roger Williams
Catholic who founded Maryland. Lord Baltimore
Led the group that founded Georgia James Oglethorpe
Quaker who was given land in America by the king to pay off a debt William Penn
Gave Virginia a money making crop and married Pocahontas John Rolfe
Native American who helped the Plymouth colonists Squanto
Discovered America trying to sail west from Europe on the NiƱa, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria Columbus
The first Governor of Massachusetts John Winthrop
Explored Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico looking for seven city of gold Coronado
Created by: SaraDG
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