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History 106 Exam 2

What were some Post-War problems? Labor Unrest, Racial Violence, "Red Scare", "100% Americanism"
What are open shops? Open shops will hire anyone whether they are a union memeber or not
What was established in the Paris Peace Conference? Wilson invited NO Republicans, Republicans won houses in 1918, Republicans opposed the League of Nations Charter
What occured for the women in this era? Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), Smaller families, More working women, The 20's, A "Flapper"
What book did Alian Locke narrate? "The New Negro"
Investing? Margin Buying (10%)
Prosperity during 1922-1929 Economy is booming, explosion of automobiles,domestic electricity,household appliance, radio, advertising
U.S. did not join the League of Nations to... Predecessor to UN
Welfare capitalism was...? Pension, Cafeterias, Vacations(Paid)
18th Amendment (1919)? Alcohol could not be manufactured, shipped, or sold.
How long did the 18th amendment last? 14 years.
Who was Warren G. Harding? President in 1920, created "Return to Normalcy", Died in office in 1923
Who did not like President Calvin Coolidge? Union members
What did the immigration act of 1924 limit? Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, NO Arabs, NO Asians
Harlem Renaissance was a movement of? African American Neighborhood, Writers, Artists, Intellectuals
What did the immigration act of 1924 limit? Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, NO Arabs, NO Asians
Alain Locke was? A Rhodes Scholar, The New Negro
What were Palmer Raids? 1919-1920, Arresting People, Deportations, Illegal arrests and innocent people deported
Langston Hughes was a? Poet, Novelist
U.S had no tolerance towards what people? Jews, Catholics, Immigrants, African Americans
Ku Klux Klan? Secret society in the southern U.S. that focuses on white supremacy and terrorizes other groups
Who ran for president in 1928? Herbert Hoover (Republican) / Alfred E. Smith (Democrat)
Great Depression? Stock Market Crashed
What are "Hoovervilles"? People living in shacks (homeless)
What was Hoover's reactions to the Depression? Free-Market Sysytem
What were some Anatomies of the Depression? Fierce Competition, Overproduction, Falling Prices, R.R. Traffic Fails
Who was Hawley-Soot Tariff? Rep. Hawley (R-OR), Sen. Smoot (R-UT), Record Level
In approximately what years did the film Cinderella Man occur? Late 1920's and Early 1930's
How does Mae Braddock dry Jims socks? She puts the in the oven
The first time Jim Braddock goes to look for work at the dock, how many workers does the man need? And does Jim get picked to work? 9, No
What did Jim's son get in trouble for? He stole a stick of Salami
What does Jim Promise his son? He will never send him away
When Jim and Mike Wilson work together on the dock, what is mike worried about and why? He is worried about Jims broken hand because he needs the job.
When Mae Braddock and daughter Rosie return to their apartment, what is the man doing outside the apartment? Turning of the electricity
Where are the 2 places Jim goes for financial assistance? Emergency Relief Fund(welfare), Madison Square Gardens
During the kids birthday party at the church, Father Rorick ask Jim why hasnt he been at church lately, Jim responded with.... He got an extra shift of work on Sunday
When Jim returns home to find Sara Wilson there, where does Sara say Mike has gone? Hoover Villes
How does Jim resolve the money the he received from New Jersey? He gave it back
What is Jim Braddocks greatest accomplishment in the ring? In 1935 he fought Matt Bear for the heavyweight title and he won
What were fireside chats? FDR would get on the radio and give speeches at 6 every night while a family would sit next to the fire and listen to the radio.
Civilian Conservation Corps? Was a thing for young men (18-25) to be able to work and get money to be able to bring home to help their family.
What did the Monetary System do? The 4 day bank holiday... FDIC: (up to 2,500)... Home owners Loan act.
Works Progress Administration? Helped Direct hiring of employees, Built schools, hospitals, parks, bridges. And American Slave Narratives
What did the NIRA help set today? Set Minimum wage
What were some things that affected farmers? They lost lots of money due to having too many crops and no one to sell the crops to
What were the "4 R's" the FDR announced? Relieve, Revive, Reform,Regulate
What does Happy Days are here Again" mean? In 1919 the 18th amendment prohibited alcohol and in 1933 the prohibition was lifted
How many people were unemployed during this period? 1 in 4. (25%)
Who was John Maynard Keynes? British Economist
Who won the 1932 Election? Roosevelt wins by a landslide
Who was Eleanor Roosevelt? Activist/ Humanitarian
What did Eleanor Roosevelt support? Women, African Americans, Organized Labor
Who was Mary McLeod Bethune? Educator, Civil Rights Activist, Roosevelts Friend.
In 1936 who wins the election? Roosevelt wins by another landslide.
What does the Revenue Act of 1935 do? Higher Corporate Taxes, Higher Gift Taxes, Higher Estate Taxes
Who was not excited about the Revenue act of 1935? J.P. Morgan
The "cake mix story"? "and you add the eggs"
What was the 50's culture? Housing, Fashion, Sense of Community
Womens Dues during the 50's? mother, housemaker, volunteer
What words were added to the pledge of allegiance in 1954?` Under God
"In God We Trust" was added to what? The currency
Haeey Truman was? FDR's vice president
Fair Deal offered? Full Employment, Higher Minimum Wage
Marshall Plan was? Helping Europe get out of depth, lost 13$ billion
WHat did Winston Churchill invent? Iron Curtian
Created by: mstout