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Greece L3&4 Review

Persian and Peloponnesian Wars

The Athenian government is an example of direct democracy
Greece had an increase in prosperity, culture and achievement which was known as ______________________. The Age of Pericles
The Delian League served as a protective group and defensive league
Sparta and other city-states fought against Athens in what war? Peloponnesian War
What city-state's economy was supported by farming and trade? Athens
What city-state was Pericles from? Athens
When a small group of citizens makes governmental decision on behalf of many people it is known as ___________________. representative democracy
What is Herodotus well known for doing? Writing History of Persian Wars
When the Persian army lost to Greece and rulers began disagreeing over power it led to ________________ the decline of the Persian Empire
Whose empire grew due to treating conquered people fairly? Cyrus the Great
Who reorganized their government to make it more efficient (manageable)? Darius I
Spartan King Leonidas is known for ______________________ leading 300 soldiers into battle at Thermoplyae
Which Persian king defeated the Greeks at Thermoplyae Xerxes
This person preached a new monotheistic relgion in Persia Zoroaster
Who expanded the Persian Empire with his strong paid-professional army? Cyrus
Athens was able to have a direct democracy because they had a small number of _____________________. citizens
Present-day Iran was once known as _________________. Persia
The Spartan's were celebrated at what battle, even though they were defeated by the Persians? Thermomplyae
Were educated Athenian women seen as equals to men? No
Darius' power depended upon the success of his satraps
Themistocles was in charge of directing __________________. Greece's navy
Because Greece's ships were smaller and faster, it helped them to defeat the Persian fleet at ________________________ the Strait of Salamis
How did Sparta finally defeat Athens in the Peloponnesian War? by destroying their naval fleet and blockading the city
The popular, well-educated woman who encouraged other women to become more involved in government. Aspasia
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