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Ch. 27-2 USA Dream

By 1956, most Americans worked in _______ jobs such clerical, managerial, or professional. white-collar
This a major corporation that includes a number of smaller companies in unrelated industries. conglomerate
This is a company that offers similar products or services in many locations. franchise
McDonald’s, which opened in 1955, is this type of business. franchise
General Electric which produces many different products from making light bulbs to owning NBC is this type of business. conglomerate
This refers to the loss of individuality and creativity as people strive to “fit in.” social conformity
This refers to the sharp increase in the U.S. birthrate following WWII. baby boom
He developed a vaccine for polio. Dr. Jonas Salk
His guide book on how to properly raise a child sold over 10 million copies in the 1950s . Dr. Benjamin Spock
This was the author of the book The Feminine Mystique , which described the growing dissatisfaction among many suburban housewives. Betty Friedan
Along with cheap gas and extensive advertising, suburban living caused a surge in this industry in the 1950s. automobile
This is the buying of material goods. consumerism
The designing of products to wear out or become outdated quickly. planned obsolescence