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What does reconstruction mean? to build something again
When did the reconstruction happen? after the civil war, 1865-1877
When did congress write the Reconstruction acts and what did they say? African American men could vote and confederate leaders and military could not hold a public office
When was the 13th amendment written and what did it say? December 1865 freed slaves and banned slavery
When was the 14th amendment written and what did it say? 1868 made all slaves citizens and granted all people born in US citizenship
When was the 15th amendment written and what did it say? 1870 all male citizens right to vote; African Americans could now vote and hold office
Freedmen's Bureau March 1865 organization that helped feed, clothe and provide medical care for freed slaves; helped African Americans with legal help and schools for them; helped poor whites who lost everything in the war
Sharecropping landowners would lend workers a place to live, seeds and farming equipment; paid with a small portion of the crops...workers had no money for rent so they paid with crops...gave them little chance to ever own their own land
Right to vote African Americans held local and state offices as Republicans whites rallied as Democrats By 1870, white southern democrats took over all state offices
Joseph H. Rainey 1st African American member of the House of Representatives
disenfranchisement by 1900, block the black vote required to pay a tax to vote...most blacks were too poor required to read a passage to vote...most blacks could not read
Jim Crow Laws racial segregation...keep whites and blacks apart separate drinking fountains, schools, restaurants, phone booths, hospitals, hotels took nearly 100 years to get rid of these laws
Who became president after Abe Lincoln was shot? Andrew Johnson
What was the KKK? organization that used violence against African Americans
sharecropping vs slavery (compare) slavery--owned, no money, no freedom, worked on plantations sharecropping--no money, worked on plantations, no own land or house
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