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2.3 - 2.4 new england and middle colonies

what term refers to the individuals who signed the mayflower compact, the plymouth colony's first government document in 1620 the pilgrims
what to the house of burgesses, the mayflower compact, and the fundamental orders of connecticut have in common they are all examples of the efforts of colonial americans to use democratic practices in government
what did thomas hooker hold that would ultimately lead to the founding of connecticut he believed that all free property owning men should be able to vote regardless of church membership
the fundamental orders of connecticut was important because it was set principles making connecticut more democratic
how did early puritan settlers in new england reflect the practices that caused them to flee to north america they sought to impose religious uniformity and were intolerant of any forms of religious practice that deviated from their own
the settlements of rhode island and pennsylvania were similar in that they both practiced tolerance of religious diversity
what best describes the primary difference between the house of burgesses and the mayflower compact the mayflower compact established government by social contract
what group of settled in new york primarily for economic gains the dutch
william penn founded the colony of pennsylvania to provide a safe place for quakers
new hampshire and rhode island were both founded because of differences with the massachusetts bay colony
why was roger williams ordered to leave massachusetts because of his advocacy for the separation of church and state
the pilgims' motivation for immigration was different from the puritans because the pilgrims wanted to separate from the church of england
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