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8 Hist Ch 3 Rvw

After what war did the Puritans begin practicing slavery? Pequot War
Bacon's Rebellion A group of colonists who attacked the Indians in spite of governor William Berkeley's wishes to keep peace with the Indians.
Conestoga wagon First built in the early 1700's in PA, these sturdy wagons had wide wheels & canvas covers. Often used by travelers to carry all of their belongings along the wilderness trails. These wagons were popular until railroads were built in the late 1800's.
Did all the English immigrants to America come from the same region of Europe? Explain No, some came from western Europe and many from Eastern Europe
First money (cash) crop? Tobacco in South
freeholders white male property owners or freemen
frontier The undeveloped area at the edge of the settled areas.
Great Migration The period of time when nearly ten thousand people settled during the first ten years of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1630-1640).
In the triangular trade, what did England send to the colonies? Manufactered goods, And luxuries
John Eliot A puritan minister who devoted himself to translating the Bible for the Algonquin Indian's in Massachusetts. His translation became the first Bible to be printed in America.
John Eliot Minister who translated the Bible into Algonquin and spread the gospel to the Indians
justices of the peace Appointed by the governor to meet local needs of rendering justice to each person, guided by the spirit of the law.
King Philip's War A War between the Indians (led by Metacomet) and colonists which spanned Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine, killing 3,000 Indians and 600 colonists.
List the goods that passed between each point on the Triangular trade? Africa to America - Slaves, America to Africa - iron, textiles, rum / England to Africa - manufactured good, Africa to England - gold, ivory, spices / England to America - manufactured goods, America to England - whale oil, lumber furs, rum, rice
List the three types of colonies and tell who had the authority to establish a government for each type Charter Colonies, Royal Colonies, and Proprietary Colonies: in the Charter the Governor had the authority, in the Royal the King had authority, and in Proprietary the Proprietor had authority
List three major money crops in the southern colonies. What was the primary food crop? Money crops: Tobacco, Rice, And Indigo Food crop: Corn
List three ways the colonists growth and expansion threatened the Indians? Indians were driven away from their land, had less access to source of foods, and were threatened by Europeans and their powerful weapons as well as new diseases
Middle Passage A voyage that brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to North America and the West Indies.
Middle Passage Journey made by slaves from Africa to the New World because it was the middle part of the trade ships route
militia A group of people trained as soldiers, who aren't part of an official, permanent army.
Name the three largest ethnic groups that migrated to the colonies English, German, Scots-Irish
Name two Indian wars that occurred in New England? King Philip's War and Bacon's Rebellion
natural increase a slow, gradual growth in population.
Other than following the wilderness trails into the mountains how did settlers move west They used the "Great Wagon Road'
Pequot War Began in 1637 when the colonists suspected the Pequot Indians, one of the most powerful tribes in the area, of murdering two Englishmen. Roger Williams tried to prevent it, but the war nearly completely wiped out the Pequot.
Plantation Large farms tended by laborers to maximize profit
power of the purse Colonists could withhold the governor's salary unless he yielded to their wishes.
praying towns Established by puritan, John Eliot, these were towns where Indians who had become Christians came to live to learn about European law, manners, and town life. These were thriving towns until later wars between the Indians and settlers destroyed them.
Subsistence farmers Farmer who raised just enough crops and livestock to provide for their families
subsistence farmers Farmers who grow food primarily or exclusively for their own family to consume, rather than to sell for profit.
tidewater Areas along coastal rivers and inlets.
township The basic unit of government in the New England colonies.
triangular trade A trade route between the Americas, Europe, & Africa that followed a triangle shape. A 3 way system of trade during 1600-1800s Africa supplied slaves, America supplied raw mat'ls, Europe supplied guns, tools, rum & luxuries only the wealthy could afford.
What are freeholders? White male property owners
What are the benefits of America's cultural diversity? What are the drawbacks Benefits: new ideas and technology, different foods and cultural influences Drawbacks: different languages, religions and philosophies, lack of communication
What are townships? Formed the basic units of government
What caused Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia? In 1675 Virginia was suffering from money problems and bad weather, when the Indians attacked the colonists became very upset, so Bacon led colonists to attack the Indians but it was the wrong group of Indians
What do historians call the period during the first 10 years of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when thousands of people migrated to America? Great Migration
What do historians call the trade routes between Europe, Africa, and America? Triangular Trade
What group of people was most active in being missionaries to the Indians? Puritans
What is natural increase? Population growth that occured from family units growing in America, more important than immigration because it indicated stability in the colonies
What is the "power of the purse"? The legislature maintained power and control of the governor and government activities by either paying or not paying his salary and/or financing those activities
What is the justice of the peace? A person who settled disputes between citizens and tried those accused of crimes
What is tidewater? A wide coastal plain...areas along coastal rivers and inlets
What official was in charge of holding court in the colonies Justices of the peace
What power did the legislature have over the governor? How did the system prevent the abusive control of the governor? The legislature paid the governor's salary and could refuse to pay him which could prevent a governor from abusing his power "power of the purse"
What prevented colonial governors from becoming to powerful? "power of the purse"
What term describes the type of population growth not caused by immigration Natural increase
What three occupations provided the main sources of income for the New England colonists Farmers, Carpenters and Shipbuilders
What two geographic characteristics were advantages of the New England colonies? Hilly and thin, rocky soil
What type of wagon carried travelers belongings and haul frieght before the railroads were built in the 1800's Conestoga Wagons
What was the basic unit of government in New England? Townships
What was the most important crop in all the colonies? Corn
What was the most important reason for evangelizing the Indians? They had a genuine concern for the Indians souls
What was the nickname of the middle colonies? How did they get this name? There nickname was the "Bread Colonies" They got this name because they grew cereal grains such as, corn oats, barley, and wheat
What was the occupation of most of the colonists? Why was this so important to the colonial society Farmer - food had to be produced locally
What was the result of King Philip's War for the Indians' way of life? So many Indians died (3,000) that they were not able to maintain their land or their way of life
What was the undeveloped area at the edge of the settled areas Frontier
What where "praying towns"? A place where Indians who had become Christians lived and learned about European law, manners, and town life
Where did converted Indians live? "Praying Towns''
Which colonies were known as the "bread colonies"? Why? Middle Colonies
Which region of the colonies developed sea industries? New England Colonies
Which region of the colonies had the most slaves? Why? Southern Colonies. They were mostly populated by aristocrats who didn't like to work and had many slaves to work the plantations.
Who had the power to call the Militia? Governor
Why did plantations develop in the southern colonies? What was a drawback to the plantation system Why: plantations developed because there was a high demand for cash crops in England which led to larger farms. Drawbacks: increased need for cheap labor which led to an increase in slavery and small farmers were often put out of business
Why did southern planters come to rely on slave labor? Because they needed cheap labor so they could afford more workers, if they have more workers they can have more land, and if they have more land more cash crops, and more cash crops more money
Why was farming not the primary source of profit in New England colonies? The New England land was not good for farming
Why was the town meeting considered the purest form of democracy in America? Because the average citizen had his own say, and he did not have to rely on a representative
Created by: Mrs_CC
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