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US History

Colonial America/revolution

Mercantilism A country's ultimate goal was self sufficiency and that all countries were in a completion to acquire the most gold and silver.
Navigation Act a series of laws restricting colonial trade.
Salutary neglect England relaxed it's enforcement of most regulations in return for the continued economic support of the colonies.
Mayflower Compact Stated that the purpose of their government in america would be tor frame just and equal laws for the general good of the colony.
House of Burgesses was the first representative body in colonial America.
The great awakening Had an awakening of strong religious feelings
Proclamation of 1763 banned all settlement west of the Appalachians
The Stamp Act required all colonist to purchase special stamped pepper for every legal document, since, newspaper, pamphlet, and almanac. imposed stamp duties.
Boston Massacre Clash between British soldiers and Boston colonist in 1770 in which five oh the colonist were killed.
Boston Tea Party the dumping of 18,000 pound of tea into the Boston Harbor as protest the Tea Act.
Declaration of Independence document written by Thomas Jefferson in which the delegates of the Continental Congress declared the cosines independent from Britain.
Stamp Act Congress 9 colonies met in NY to protest the stamp acts.
Saratoga The place Battle for NY was decided by the American Victory
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