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13 Colonies

New England Economic Activities Logging Timber, Fishing, Whailing
Colonies in the New England Region Massachusetts, Rhode, Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire
Who had voting rights in the New England region? Property owning males who attended church
Theocracy A government with church leaders in charge of the government
Why was education so important to the Puritans? They wanted everyone to be able to read the Bible
What kind of farming was practiced in New England? Mostly subsistence farming- growing food for personal use
What was the main goal or objective of people settling in the New England Region? Religious Freedom
Which region was known as the "Bread Basket" colonies? The Middle Region- New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania- produced a lot of grains - rye, barley, wheat
Who had voting rights in the Middle Region? White property owning males
Who held political power in the Middle Colonies? The proprietors (owners) of the colonies: Penn, Carteret, Berkley and York
Why did the King of England give land to William Penn in 1681? The King owed the Penn family money, this was a way to pay off the debt.
Who wanted to conduct a holy experiment based on diversity and religious tolerance? William Penn and the Quakers in Pennsylvania
How was New York different from the rest of the colonies? New York was more of a melting pot and had people from a variety of European nations and backgrounds. The other colonies were more homogeneous.
Why were the Puritans so strict with dissenters? They felt that dissenters could undermine the orderly societies that they had created.
Mercantilism Economic system based on creating a favorable balance of trade. The colonies were only allowed to sell their raw materials to England and had to buy the finished products from England as well --> Wealth for the mother country.
Who had voting rights in the Southern Region? White, male property owners
What was the economy in the Southern Region based on? Plantations and the production of cash-crops: tobacco, rice and indigo (cotton)
Who was James Oglethorpe? Oglethorpe received a charter from King George to create the colony of Georgia?
Why was Georgia created? Georgia was a colony created for debtors(people who owe money) and convicts.
Who was Roger Williams? Roger Williams was a minister in Massachusetts who rejected some of the Puritan beliefs and practices. He was banished from Massachusetts and formed the colony of Rhode Island.
Who was John Winthrop? A Puritan leader who helped found Plymouth, the first settlement in New England.
What were the Puritan values? Hard work: as a way of honoring God → rapid growth and success Education: they wanted everyone to be literate and be able to read the Bible → mandatory schooling Representative Government: town meetings and local self-government, democratic rights
Who was Anne Hutchinson? A female activist that challenged the power and authority of the Puritan leaders. She was banished from Massachusetts and fled to Rhode Island.
Who was Thomas Hooker? Thomas Hooker grew tired of the rigid Puritan system and led his congregation to the Connecticut Valley --> colony of Connecticut.
What was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut"? A document inspired by Thomas Hooker, that is considered the first written constitution in North America
Which colonial region's economy was dependent on slave labor? Southern Colonies
Who founded Maryland? Lord Baltimore
Which colony was intended to be tolerant towards Catholics? Maryland
King Charles II reclaimed the throne following civil war in England. He rewarded his loyal supporters with land that became ______. The Carolinas
What was the Act of Toleration? A law passed in Maryland meant to outlaw religious persecution of non Puritans.
What was going on in England in terms of religion during this colonial period? Dissenters and Puritans, people who disagreed with both the Catholic Church and the Church of England were being prosecuted for their beliefs.
What was the purpose of town hall meetings in New England? Political gatherings to make decisions on local issues
Created by: Zac Upham