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Chapter 2 WesternCiv


All of the following characterized Cretan civilization EXCEPT It ruled a wide empire
Which of the following is true of the Minoan civilization? Some Minoan religious deities were adopted by the Greeks.
Geography influenced Mycenaean civilization because It divided Greece into many small valleys that led the Greeks to develop independent states.
The Greek Renaissance from 800 to 600 was characterized by all of the following EXCEPT Mycenaean civilization was restored.
Greek religion was characterized by all of the following EXCEPT The religion prescribed rigid standards of moral conduct.
The Olympic games in ancient Greece were a source of fame and riches for the winners
The Greeks coped with population pressures after 750 B.C. by exporting people to independent colonies overseas
Adoption of an alphabet was initially important for the ancient Greeks becausse laws could be made readiyl available, facilitating public involvement in government.
Archaic Greek literature was particularly innovative because Greek authors began to use literature as a form of frank self-expression
All of the following are true about the Greek poleis EXCEPT At the end of the sixth century, tyrants emerged as champions of the traditional aristocracy.
All of the following are true about the economy of the poleis EXCEPT Industry was well advanced, with shops employing 300 or more workers.
Sparta and Athens differed in all of the following ways EXCEPT Sparta pursued an aggressively expansionist policy, while Athens protected other cities' independance
The Persian King Darius attacked Athens because It had helped Greek cities in Ionia revolt against his rule
The Greeks won the critical battle of Salamis because Athens had created a powerful fleet.
Taxation in the poleis paid for the upkeep of walls, drains, roads, harbors, and the like.
Which of the following is true of the elements of democracy in the Spartan oligarchy? The assembly could be dismissed by the ephors and council
What was a result of Solon;s political reforms? Men could improve their status economically and thus achieve positions of leadership regardless of their ancestry.
Our first information about an Athenian reform was the introduction of A law defining a difference between voluntary and involuntary homicide.
The supreme achievements of the epic poetic tradition of the Greek Renaissance are the iliad and the Odyssey ascribed to Homer
The first major post-Homeric poet, who authored Works and Days, was Hesiod.
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