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Unit Review

Which President would have influence the information contained in the image above and how did it impact the environment? Woodrow Wilson, created the National Park System to protect public parks and monuments.
Agricultural overproduction Increased farm production led to more crops per acre but falling food prices.
High Cost Farmers had to ship goods to market and were at the mercy of railroad rates
Farmer Indebtedness Farmers were constantly in debt
Periodic natural disaster A poor harvest could throw them into chaos
Populist Party Beliefs on silver Unlimited coinage of silver
Populist Party Beliefs on senators Direct election of senators
Populist party beliefs on Presidency Term Limits for presidents
Populist party beliefs on voting Secret ballots
Populist party beliefs on Government Government ownership
Populist party beliefs on Immigrations Immigration restrictions
Populist party beliefs on income tax A graduated income tax
Populist party belief on work days Shorter work days
Populist Party evaluate their impact on society workers Representing laborers, farmers and industrial workers.
Populist Party evaluate their impact on society beliefs Most of their beliefs were adopted and signed into law
Progressive party beliefs on voting Secret ballot
Progressive party beliefs on primaries Direct Party Primaries
Progressive party beliefs on Senators Direct election of senators (2)
Progressive party evaluate their impact on labor Defined by reform of political parties, big business, and labor practices (2)
Progressive party evaluate their impact on society beliefs Most of their beliefs were adopted and signed into law.
What is the monetary Policy? Control of supply of money in circulation at any given time.
What was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and what was it intended to do? Created to regulate the amount of money in circulation
Initiative A bill originated by the people, rather than law makers, on the ballot.
Referemdium A vote on the initiative
What is Initiative impact to reform? Voters can directly introduce bills in the state legislature and could vote on whether they wanted a bill passed.
What is the Referendum impact to reform? Voters could compel legislators to place a bill on the ballot for approval.
Recall Enabled voters to remove a public official from elected positions by forcing them to face another election before the end of their term if enough voters ask for it.
Direct Primary Special elections were held to determine whom party members wanted to represent them as candidates in the general election.
What is the direct impact Primary impact to reform? Voter could decide who would represent their party
16th amendment Legalized a graduated federal income tax.
17th amendment Made direct election of senators the law.
18th amendment The manufacture sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages were legally prohibited.
What is the impact of the reform for the 16th amendment? Gave Congress the power to tax personal income.
What is the impact of the reform for the 17th amendment? Idea brought forth by the progressive party. Established direct election of senators by popular vote
What is the impact of the reform for the 18th amendment? Prohibition
19th amendment The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex
What is the impact of the reform for the 19th amendment? Granting women the right to vote.
Upton Sinclair contribution The Jungle, revealed many abuses of the meat packing industry.
Susan B Anthony contribution Pivotal role in 19th century women's rights movement
Ida B. Wells Contribution Worked to end lynching
W.E.B Dubois Helped found the NAACP
What impact did Upton Sinclair have? Meat inspection Act & Pure Food and Drug Act
What impact did Susan B Anthony Contribution Passage of the 19th Amendment
What impact did Ida B. Wells Organized a national anti lynching crusade
What impact did W.E.B. Dubois In favor of achieving immediate racial equality.
NAAP National Association for the Advancement of Colored people.
What impact did the NAACP have? Made more people aware of racial prejudice in American society.
Laissez - Faire Government should not interfere in the operation of the free market.
Anti - Trust Acts Curb the unfair practices of business
Pure Food and Drug Act Stopped sale of contaminated food and medicines. Truth in labeling
Interstate Commerce Act Prohibited railroads from charging more for short hauls than for long hauls over the same route.
Muckrakers Group of investigative reporters, writers, and social scientist divulging problems in urban areas.
What Laissez - Faire relationship between federal government and private business? Want no relationship
What is Anti- Trust Acts relationship between federal government and private business? Distinguished "Good trust" from "bad trust" that acted against the public interest.
What is Pure Food and Drug Act relationship between federal government and private business? Regulated the preparation of foods and the sale of medicine
What is Interstate Commerce Act relationship between federal government and private business? First government agency to regulate unfair business practices.
What is muckrakers relationship between federal government and private business? Created several laws and/or acts.
Gold Standard money backed by gold
Flat Money printed paper currency not backed by gold or silver.
Using Gold meant? that the money supply was smaller and each dollar would be worth more, this would discourage inflation.
After the Civil War Flat Money had contributed to ? Wartime inflation (a rise in prices)
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